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Adaptive Eating & Kitchen Aids

The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home”, and for good reason. Even within an adapted living setting, it just as important for the elderly or disabled to have the proper assistive kitchen devices necessary to function smoothly and safely within kitchen space. Southwest Medical has a great selection of adaptive kitchen tools and other assistive devices to ensure your adaptive living is as comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions or need help, call toll-free any of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help!

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  •  Designed for one-handed use
  •  Rubber suction feet secure the board to surfaces
  •  Use to slice and grate food or hold mixing and salad bowls

$4900 Ea
  •  Solid maple with a smooth finish
  •  Stainless steel nails for holding
  •  Wooden guards that keep food from falling off the board

$4400 Ea
  •  Hard cutting surface that is easy to clean
  •  Wooden corner guards keep food from falling off the edges
  •  Two stainless steel nails hold food steady for slicing or paring

$4950 Ea
  •  Sharp stainless steel blade peels easily
  •  Handle is comfortable, even during repetitive action of peeling
  •  Dishwasher safe

$1260 Ea
  •  Comfortable, oversize handle absorbs pressure from hands
  •  Sharp blade can accommodate thick or thin slices
  •  Can slice from any angle

$1380 Ea
  •  Sharp, stainless steel teeth grip jar
  •  Base pad keeps jar in place, reducing force required to open jar
  •  Contoured, non-slip grip for better leverage

$1500 Ea
  •  Unique Good Grips® handle for comfortable and safe cutting
  •  Ideal for people with arthritis or limited ability to grasp
  •  Perfect choice for cutting pizza, as well as meat and vegetables

$1495 Ea
  •  Long, slender blade is ideal for slicing large cuts of meat and poultry
  •  German stainless steel with high carbon content for lasting sharpness and edge retention
  •  Contoured handle provides optimal control while chopping, cutting or slicing

$1670 Ea
  •  Wide, curved blade provides a large spreading surface
  •  Hand-finished stainless steel
  •  Soft, comfortable handle

$1380 Ea
  •  Soft, oversized handle designed for repetitive strokes
  •  Comfortable non-slip grip, even when wet
  •  Large hole in handle for easy storage

$1260 Ea
  •  Legs adjust from 20" to 25"
  •  Padded seat on a slight angle
  •  200 lb. weight capacity

$17999 Ea
  •  Handy, easy-to-use Bag Opener with Magnet has a sharp point that punctures and slits open plastic bags
  •  Made of lightweight plastic
  •  Ideal for persons with weak wrists

$920 Ea
  •  Great for one-handed use
  •  Suction base secures best to the bottom of the sink
  •  Household dishwasher safe

$2520 Ea
  •  Provides a soft, sure grip on bottles and jars
  •  Dome shape that fits snugly in the palm of your hand
  •  Wash in soapy water to retain tackiness

$1450 Ea
  •  Grips on both sides to secure objects, yet peels off surfaces easily
  •  Easily washable with soap and water
  •  Available in blue, red or yellow

$5520 Roll
  •  Grips on both sides to secure objects, yet peels off surfaces easily
  •  Easily washable with soap and water
  •  Available in blue, red or yellow

$3680 Roll
  •  Upright handles, which reduce the chance of wrist strain and injuries while performing kitchen tasks
  •  Special handles keep the arm and wrist in a neutral, relaxed position
  •  Stainless steel blades

$2099 Ea
  •  Sharp, stainless steel blade
  •  Soft, comfortable handle ensures a safe grip
  •  Hand wash with warm, soapy water and promptly dry

$1370 Ea
  •  Pop open vacuum sealed jar lids
  •  Quick and easy

$910 Ea
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