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Ankle / Foot

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Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support Patented strapping system provides firm, even, adjustable support. Neoprene body with seam-less, sectional open-heel design fits snugwont chafe, slip, bunch...

$1525 Ea
  •  Wrap style ankle support helps relieve joint pain
  •  Open heel and toe design
  •  Comfortable and breathable while it wicks away moisture from the skin

$3120 Ea
  •  Walking sole has a padded toe piece
  •  Secures easily with firm hook & loop attachment
  •  Anti-rotation bar helps prevent hip rotation

$16600 Ea
  •  Soft padded, contoured posterior shell
  •  Removable liner may be washed for patient hygiene
  •  Fits right or left foot

DJ Orthopedics7981403, 7981405, 7981407, 7981408
  » Orthopedic Supports   » Ankle / Foot
$10120 Ea
  •  Relieves pressure & pain on toe tips
  •  Helps prevent blisters, corns, calluses
  •  Makes walking more comfortable

$1428 Ea
  •  Treats mild to moderate plantar flexion contracture
  •  Eliminates pressure from heel
  •  Hook and loop closure for a secure, comfortable

$11400 Ea
  •  Beige canvas, lined with flannel
  •  2 removable medial and lateral stays
  •  Foam-padded tongue with 2 removable tongue stays

Scott Specialties1424S, 1424M, 1424L, 1424XL
  » Orthopedic Supports   » Ankle / Foot
$3384 Ea
  •  Contoured for gentle compression
  •  Provides warmth, flexibility and support
  •  Fits either foot and goes easily into shoe

Scott Specialties4914925, 4914917, 4914826
  » Orthopedic Supports   » Ankle / Foot
$1330 Ea
  •  Light weight, adjustable and provides immediate cold compression for sprains and strains.
  •  Contoured Shell for comfort and support.
  •  One size fits most

$4700 Ea
  •  Designed to alleviate Achilles Tendinitis
  •  Elastic strap lifts heel, helping prevent sudden stretch or strain to tendon
  •  Contoured EVA compression pad surrounds Achilles tendon to provide comfortable stabilization

$2494 Ea
  •  Alleviates conditions of moderate ankle sprains and instability
  •  Compression helps contain inflammation
  •  Therapeutic warmth keeps ligaments flexible

$1244 Ea
  •  Alleviate arch pain and discomfort
  •  Achieves results similar to taping techniques
  •  Support present when foot on the ground and elevated between steps

$2494 Pr
  •  Alleviates several foot conditions including bursitis
  •  Compression pads are made from neoprene, felt, and Cool Max material
  •  "Peel and stick" application allows you to find the correct location on the insole of your shoe

$1619 Pr
  •  Relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs while sleeping
  •  Lightweight design
  •  Soft cushioned sleeve covers entire brace and allows for comfortable, relaxing sleep

$4994 Ea
  •  Protects toes from blisters, rubbing, irritation and toenail loss
  •  Serves as cushion, preventing toe from having direct contact with inside of shoe
  •  Absorbs stress to toe area

$2744 Pk 4
  •  Beveled rocker sole allows normal walking motion and balance
  •  Attractive tan vinyl upper is easily wiped clean
  •  Open toe/closed heel

Scott Specialties7000S, 7000M, 7000L
  » Orthopedic Supports   » Ankle / Foot
$2960 Ea
  •  Improved fit and durability
  •  Perfect for strains, sprains, swelling, and arthritis
  •  Comes in 5 different sizes

$2700 Ea
  •  Relieves soreness and discomfort in the arch and heel region
  •  Upward compression to the arch helps alleviate symptoms of plantar fascitis
  •  Soft cushioning neoprene under the arch area

$3000 Pk 2
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