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Ankle / Foot

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Wrap style ankle support helps relieve joint pain. Features an adjustable hook/loop closure and tapered ends for a comfortable, customized fit and full ankle support. Open heel and toe design...

$3120 Ea

Nylon shell with soft neoprene liner provides comfort and sensory stimulation, while non-stretch straps lock the heel in, imitating the effects of a tape job. Includes two spring steel stays on both...

  •  Size: S/M, Calf Circ.: 13"-16", Foot Circ.: 7"-10"
  •  Size: M/L, Calf Circ.: 15"-18", Foot Circ.: 9"-14"

$16600 Ea

Provides static passive dorsiflexion. Soft, padded cover for nighttime. Protects against skin irritation or breakdown while person is nonambulatory. Comfortable, to enhance compliance. Universal...

DJ Orthopedics7981403, 7981405, 7981407, 7981408
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$10120 Ea

Hammer Toe Cushion instantly supports your hammer, claw, mallet and/or arthritic toes to make you stand and walk more comfortably. Its soft, curved pad eases pressure on toe tips to help prevent...

$1428 Ea

Aids in the treatment of nonfixed contractures of the lower extremities. Molded shell allows heel to float, eliminating pressure. Rotator bar helps correct internal or external hip rotation. Toe...

$11400 Ea

Beige canvas, lined with flannel. 2 removable medial and lateral stays. Foam-padded tongue with 2 removable tongue stays. Prevents excessive inversion/eversion movement. Sized by shoe size.

Scott Specialties1424S, 1424M, 1424L, 1424XL
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$3384 Ea

Contoured for gentle compression; provides warmth, flexibility and support. Fits either foot and goes easily into shoe. Measure around ankle joint to size. Blue.

Scott Specialties4914925, 4914917, 4914826
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$1330 Ea
  •  Light weight, adjustable and provides immediate cold compression for sprains and strains.
  •  Contoured Shell for comfort and support.
  •  One size fits most

$4700 Ea

Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers provide stretch and flexibility to toes and forefoot area. Reduction of tightness and strain to toe and forefoot area. May alleviate conditions of bunions and...

$1244 PR

The Pro-Tec Athletic Ankle Sleeve provides warmth and compression to ankle area. Therapeutic warmth keeps ligaments flexible to reduce strain and tearing. Compression helps contain inflammation...

$1244 Ea

The Pro-Tec Athletic Ankle Wrap provides moderate support for ankle sprains. The Ankle Wrap stabilizes the ankle joint, preventing sudden twists or turns which may cause further injury. Neoprene...

$2369 Ea

The Pro-Tec Athletic Arch Supports alleviate arch pain and discomfort. Pro-Tec Athletics' Arch Support provides a slight lift to the arch helping to provide support. Targeted support reduces stress...

$2494 Pr

The Pro-Tec Athletic Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads alleviates conditions of "fallen metatarsal arch", Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, "ball of foot" pain, Morton's Neuroma (irritated nerve endings)...

$1619 Pr

To relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. In addition, may relieve symptoms of peroneal and tibial nerve entrapment. To be worn during inactivity (sleeping),the Pro-Tec Night...

$4994 Ea

Toe Caps serve as a cushion, preventing toe from having direct contact with inside of shoe. Absorbs stress to toe area.Toe Caps are made from custom grade silicone. stretchable enough to fit any toe...

$2744 Pk 4

The Pro-Tec Athletic Achilles Tendon Support relieves pain and discomfort in the Achilles Tendon. Alleviates conditions of Achilles Tendinitis (inflammation or tenderness of the Achilles Tendon). The...

$2494 Ea

Features beveled rocker sole to allow normal walking motion and balance. Attractive tan vinyl upper is easily wiped clean. Velcro closures and ripple sole help prevent slipping. Open toe/closed heel...

Scott Specialties7000S, 7000M, 7000L
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$2960 Ea

Ankle support with figure-eight elastic strap allows variable compression and support. Two Velcro side closures with cut-out heel. Designed for improved fit and durability. Indicated for strains...

$2700 Ea

Relieves soreness and discomfort in the arch and heel region. Provides upward compression to the arch and supports the plantar fascia to help alleviate symptoms of plantar fascitis. Soft cushioning...

$3000 Pk 2
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