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Neck Pillows & Supports

Relieve neck pain with neck support pillows.

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  •  Symptomatic relief of muscle, tendon, ligament, or soft tissue injury of the neck region
  •  Designed with 1 inch thick medium-firm foam and covered with stockinette
  •  Universal size for neck 12" - 22"

$1050 Ea
  •  1" thick soft foam is slightly contoured for a comfortable fit
  •  Covered with stockinette and a Velcro closure
  •  Extra sleeve provided

Scott Specialties3005S, 3005M, 3005LN, 3005LS, 3005XL
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  •  Provides firm, comfortable support, helping to relieve neck discomfort
  •  Convenient hook and loop closure adjusts for proper fit
  •  Constructed of soft, porous cotton cover over polyfoam

$2100 Ea
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  •  Helps relieve neck discomfort
  •  Convenient hook and loop closure
  •  Made of soft, porous cotton cover

$1850 Ea
  •  Body contoured surface
  •  Maximum support bed wedge that provides choice of a sitting or sleeping position
  •  Washable cover included

$10694 Ea
  •  Provides Head and Neck Support
  •  Relieves Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain
  •  Filled with 100% Polyester

$4790 Ea
  •  Reduces head, neck, shoulder and back discomfort
  •  Supports the neck and cradles the head
  •  Keeping the airway open and free from obstruction

$2600 Ea
  •  Improves quality of sleep
  •  Proven to improve neck pain
  •  200 thread count cotton shell

$5628 Ea
  •  Adults up to 5’2" tall with narrow shoulders (smaller framed) and for children and teens
  •  Reduces pain and adds posture support
  •  Aligns the head and neck while lying on the back or side

$8600 Ea
  •  Helps discomfort from tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, whiplash
  •  Cradles the head and neck providing proper support
  •  Promoting healthy alignment when sleeping on back or side

$6900 Ea
  •  Full length body pillow
  •  Ideal to use during pregnancy and for those who suffer from chronic neck and back pain
  •  Machine Washable Cover Included

$3590 Ea
  •  Fiber support pillow provides better support and lasts longer than traditional pillows
  •  Trapezoid-shaped center delivers great orthopedic benefits for back sleeping
  •  Comfortable, but firm, side lobes support the head in a natural position when side sleeping

$5500 Ea
  •  Slightly Contoured 1" Thick Soft Foam Covered with Stockinette
  •  Hook and Loop Closure
  •  Provide support and comfort to your neck

$2617 Ea
  •  Blue fleece inset for added comfort
  •  User-adjusted 3-position rotational arm
  •  On/off heat with LED light

$8638 Ea
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  •  Firm narrow end, firm wide end, a middle medium density layer, and a middle soft density layer
  •  Designed to help with head, neck, shoulder and TMJ pain
  •  Provides optimal support, comfort and alignment in a side-lying and back-lying position

$7900 Ea
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