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Wrist Splint / Elbow Supports

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The Pro-Tec Athletic Clutch Wrist Brace support provides support for most wrist injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Cool Max covered palm allows for comfortable use of the hand in sports...

$2494 Ea

Pro-Tec Athletic Wrist Wrap provides warmth and support for minor to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist sprains. The Amount of compression is controlled by user to determine support level...

$1625 Ea
Leader Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support

Duo-tension elastic provides varied tension around the palm and wrist area. Features pre-shaped, removable 1" stay and hook/loop closure. To size, measure palm width from the base of the thumb. Beige...

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$1370 Ea
Leader Deluxe Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support
  •  Carpal Tunnel Support
  •  Physician Recommended
  •  Easy Application

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$1975 Ea
Leader Thumb Spica Support

For arthritis and tendonitis, this nylon and elastic thumb spica brace supports, yet allows good grip. Flexible stay keeps thumb in neutral position. Fits right or left hand. Measure around the wrist...

$1520 Ea
Preferred 1st Thumb Spica

For arthritis and tendonitis of the thumb. Features steel stay. For size, measure around wrist joint.

$2580 Ea

Pro Tec Athletic's Elbow Power Strap helps alleviate conditions of lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow),medial epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow),supinator muscle strain, and tendonitis. Pressurized...

$2119 Ea

The Pro-Tec Athletic Elbow Sleeve provides warmth and compression, keeping tendons supple, reducing strain. Cool Max mesh provides additional comfort and flexibility while reducing bunching of...

$1244 Ea
Leader Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support with Strap

10" long, neoprene, slip-on support has a tapered fit for comfort. Features loop/lock tension strap to dissipate force to the forearm. Measure elbow circumference to size. Blue.

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$1580 Ea
Neoprene Universal Tennis Elbow Support

2" wide, plush, neoprene strap has loop/lock closure for easy application. Fits 7-15" forearm. Blue.

$1060 Ea
Tennis Elbow Wrap with Loop Lock Closure

2" wide padded vinyl strap is soft and comfortable. Loop/lock closure provides easy application and tension adjustment. Fits 7-15" forearm. Beige with brown vinyl.

$948 Ea
AlumaFoam Finger Splint
  •  Made from sturdy, foam-laminated aluminum
  •  Premium-grade foam for increased patient comfort
  •  Lightweight splints contour to fingers for appropriate immobilization

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$3270 BX 12
Deluxe Quilted Limb Holder w/ Slide Buckle
  •  Quilted material.
  •  Initial hook and loop closure for additional security.
  •  Secures to movable portion of the bed with quick-release ties.

$1999 Pk 2
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