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Snellen Eye Chart - 20 Foot Distance Acuity Test

Manufacturer: McKesson
Part Number: 63-3050
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When checking visual acuity, one eye is covered at a time and the vision of each eye is recorded separately, as well as both eyes together. In the Snellen fraction 20/20, the first number represents the test distance, 20 feet.

The second number represents the distance that the average eye can see the letters on a certain line of the eye chart. So, 20/20 means that the eye being tested can read a certain size letter when it is 20 feet away.

If a person sees 20/40, at 20 feet from the chart that person can read letters that a person with 20/20 vision could read from 40 feet away. The 20/40 letters are twice the size of 20/20 letters; however, it does not mean 50% vision since 20/20 sounds like it is one half of 20/40. If 20/20 is considered 100% visual efficiency, 20/40 visual acuity is 85% efficient.


Size: 22" x 11"


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