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Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope

Manufacturer: 3M
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Price: $340.00 Ea
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The 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope is the next generation of one of the most recognized stethoscopes in the profession, offering improved acoustic performance with better audibility of high-frequency sounds (adult side, firm pressure). Its distinctive chalice-shaped chestpiece features tunable diaphragms on both sides to deliver outstanding acoustic performance, diagnostic versatility, and convenience for treating adult and pediatric patients. The pediatric side of the chestpiece converts to a traditional open bell by removing the tunable diaphragm and replacing it with the included non-chill bell sleeve.

Both the adult and pediatric sides of the chestpiece have single-piece diaphragms that are easy to remove, attach and clean because the surfaces are smooth and without crevices.


Applications: Cardiology/High Performance
Binaural Construction: Double Lumen
Chestpiece Finish: Machined Stainless Steel
Chestpiece Size: 1.3"
Chestpiece Technology: Double Sided
Chestpiece Weight: 3.1 Ounce / 87 g
Diaphragm Diameter: 1.7"
Diaphragm Material: Epoxy/Fiberglass
Eartip Type: Soft Sealing
Extra Eartips: Yes
Headset Material: Wide diameter aerospace alloy / Anodized aluminum
Length: 27" / 22" (55.8 / 69cm)
Latex Free: Yes
Net Weight: 6.2 oz (177 g)
Warranty Period: 7 years