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MIC-KEY Low-Profile Gastrostomy Tube Kit

Manufacturer: Kimberly Clark / Ballard
Part Number: 01201215
Price: $225.80 Ea
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Features medical grade silicone construction, low-profile design, tapered distal tip, silicone internal retention balloon, distal tip recessed at 5 ml, proximal anti-reflux valve, SECUR-LOK extension set connector mechanism, radiopaque stripe, gamma sterilized.

Kit includes a MIC-KEY low-profile feeding tube, a MIC-KEY extension set with a SECUR-LOK right angle connector and 2 port Y clamp, 12 inch length, a MIC-KEY bolus extension set with Blue Cath Tip, SECUR-LOK straight connector and clamp, 12 inch length, 6 ml syringe, 35 ml catheter tip syringe, gauze pads.