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Voyager Portable Patient Ceiling Lift

Manufacturer: Hoyer
Part Number: 98000
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The Voyager Portable Overhead Patient Lifter is the lightest portable patient lift on the market today, weighing only 12 pounds with the battery and lifting up to 440 pounds. Its lightweight design allows for portability and easy attachment to the Easytrack trolley system. The smooth, quiet lifting operation ensures the person being transferred is safe and comfortable. The patented Quick Release feature prevents having to lift the Voyager patient lift onto the rail, as well as saves time and battery power.

Patient Overhead Ceiling lifts solve the problems that traditional floor-based patient lifts have presented, such as difficulty maneuvering over thick carpeting, turning in tight spots and the need for two people to safely operate them. The Voyager and Easytrack Lift System combine to form a unique portable overhead lifting solution, allowing caregivers to easily transfer family members or loved ones without permanently defacing their homes.

Heavy-duty Capacity - 440 lbs, Lightweight - only 12 lbs., Rechargeable and Removable Battery, Quick Release Strap, Emergency Stop and Lower, Dual Controls on console, Audible Low Battery Indicator.

Overhead ceiling lifts are the best solution. If only you could eliminate the hassle and cost of installation Now you have the answer!

2 Post

Easytrack 2 Post Configuration

The 2 post configuration is ideal for a simple lift in or out of a bed. It allows the person to be moved in one direction along the rail. Also available with a tub bracket which allows one post to be mounted on to a bathtub ledge (minimum 3" ledge at ends required).

3 Post

Easytrack 3 Post Configuration The 3 post configuration provides access in two directions, allowing lifts or transfers anywhere within the triangle area. Can work great in bathrooms allowing access to tub, sink and toilet. Also available with a tub bracket which allows one post to be mounted onto a bathtub ledge (minimum 3" ledge at ends required).

4 Post

Easytrack 4 Post Configuration The 4 Post system operates like a traditional xy system, allowing for complete coverage anywhere within the 4-post area. The 4


Voyager Weight: 12lbs (with battery)
Voyager Width: 17.5 in.
Voyager Length/Depth: 5.5 in.
Voyager Height: 11.25 in.
Weight Capacity: 440lbs
Voyager Lifting Speed: 1.6 in./sec
Voyager Strap Length: 88in
Slings: Not Included
Voyager Battery: Rechargeable: 24Vdc, 2.0Ah
Voyager Number of Transfers per Charge: 10 to 30
Voyager Seat Sling Height: 0 to 48in
Easytrack Rail Weight: 26.4 lbs.
Easytrack Post Weight (each): 8.8 lbs.
Easytrack Ceiling Plate Length: 20 in.
Easytrack Floor Plate: 4.8 in.
Easytrack Material: Anodized Aluminum
Easytrack Ceiling Height Range (Length of Post): 84 in. - 108 in.
Easy Track Rail Length Range: 74in to 124in
Optional Controls: Remote 2 Button Hand Control


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