Kaye Corner Chair

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Product Description

These are for users who need support of the head, trunk, and pelvis in order to both develop an upright sitting posture and align the head and trunk. Two sizes are available. Each is highly adjustable and available with casters.

The chair has a firm, padded insert that converts the V-shaped back into a three-sided winged back. This removable insert provides support along the spine and gives the child better spinal extension thus giving greater freedom of the head and eyes for scanning and attending.
As the child develops independent head movements and sitting postural control, the head support can be removed so the child can practice linking visual pursuit and attention with arm and hand movements. Because of the easy adjustments, it is possible to use or remove these pieces as the child's needs for postural control change within the day or over longer periods.

The seat can be raised so a child can be positioned with the hips and knees flexed or lowered to promote long leg sitting.
The depth-adjustable and removable abductor can be positioned in front of the seat, at the distal part of the femurs, to maintain hip abduction with either knee flexion or extension. If the 2" seat belt is positioned across the hips, it aids pelvic stability.

The adjustable tray which is height and depth adjustable encourages the child to bring the hands forward to explore and manipulate toys.
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Kaye Corner ChairKaye Corner ChairShown with Play Frame (Sold Separately)C4C shown with optional casters.Kaye Corner ChairC4C shown with optional casters.
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SizeModel C4 SmallModel C5 Large
User Age / Height:8 mos. to 4 yrs / 39" Tall4 - 8 years / 58" Tall
Headrests adjust from base to top of headrests:20" - 27" 29" - 41"
Tray Dimensions:15" x 17"18" x 20"
Seat Depth (w/o Back Cushion):12"14"
Seat Depth (w/ Back Cushion):8"10.5"
Abductor Width:3" Wide4" Wide
  • Chair and base.
  • Tray.
  • Abductor
  • Padded headrests
  • 2" belt.
  • Back cushion.
  • Optional 4" casters.
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