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Rifton Small Standard Base Activity Chair

Manufacturer: Rifton Equipment
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Item Number: R820

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Product Description

The Rifton Activity Chair provides versatile, adaptable and active seating for every classroom activity. The therapist guided design of the Activity chair features includes the ability to adjust the chair, without tools, while the child is in the chair.

Includes seat and backrest, tilt-in-space base, armrests, short legs, and choice of upholstery colors.

The Standard base was designed for straightforward classroom use.
Rifton Small Standard Base Activity Chair  Some images may display non-standard options.

No-tool adjustments

No-tool adjustments

The Rifton Activity Chair makes adjustments simple. No tools are needed for any adjustment, making it an ideal choice for the busy special needs classroom.

Adjust with child in chair

Adjust with child in chair

The Rifton Activity Chair can be easily adjusted while a child is in the chair. This saves time and makes adjustments much simpler to gauge.



The Rifton Activity Chair tilt-in-space feature encourages sit-to-stand and rest positions. The R820 Standard base tilts 15° forward and 15° back.

Spring Option

Spring Option

The optional springs on the Rifton Activity Chair allow for calming through self-stim. The spring column can be locked when not in use. The R820 Standard base has optional springs in both backrest and seat, making it an ideal choice for children with autism.

Choice of 6 pad colors

Choice of 6 pad colors

The Rifton Activity Chair seat and backrest pads are made of polyurethane foam, with a polyurethane coated fabric cover. The pads come in 6 choices to add color to your special needs classroom.

User Height: 28" - 48" *28-32 requires Mini kit
Frame Width (Short Legs): 21"
Frame Width (Long Legs): 23"
Frame Width (Short Legs w/ Casters): 22.5"
Frame Width (Long Legs w/ Casters): 23.5"
Seat Height Above Floor (Short Legs): 9.5" - 12.5"
Seat Height Above Floor (Long Legs): 18.5" - 21.5"
Seat Height Above Floor (Short Legs w/ Casters): 13.5" - 16.5"
Seat Height Above Floor (Long Legs w/ Casters): 18.5" - 21.5"
Seat Angle (Spring Option uses 10° of Back for Adjustment): 15° forward, 15° back
Backrest Angle (Spring Option uses 10° of Back for Adjustment): 5° forward, 20° back
Seat Height Above Footboard: 9" - 12" (6" - 9" w/ Mini Kit)
Seat Width w/ Hip Guides: 7" - 9"
Seat Width w/o Hip Guides: 12"
Seat Depth: 8" - 12" (7" - 11" w/ Mini Kit)
Armrest Height Above Seat: 5 - 7.5"
Trunk Support Width: 5.5" - 11.5"
Backrest Height: 12.5" - 15.5"
Headrest Height Above Seat: 14.5 - 21"
Weight Capacity: 11 - 16
Maximum working load (lbs) 75 lbs.
  • Users 28" - 40"
  • 75lbs Capacity
  • Tool Free Adjustments
  • Wide Range of Optional Accessories
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Recommended for all chairs with wheels, push handles make it easy for the caregiver to maneuver and transport a client in the Activity Chair from one place to another. Push handles provide an easy...


The Tray, a working surface with raised edges and rounded corners is very easy to clean. Remove it with a release catch under the front edge of the Tray. The Tray attaches to the armrests, which...


The chest strap provides added trunk support with its wide and comfortably padded strap. The chest strap is for clients without upper torso control who need extra support and security. Made from...


Necessary for clients needing more support for trunk control while sitting. When adjusted to fit snugly and comfortably, the butterfly harness provides maximum anterior support giving security...


The Rifton thigh belt gives additional support and security for the client’s thighs while helping to adduct their knees.


Rifton pelvic harness is an alternative to a typical seat belt and firmly positions a clients pelvis by securing hips and upper thighs without pressure on the abdomen. The pelvic harness provides a...


Hip guides provide a snug, comfortable fit giving the client security and safety. Placed at the sides of the pelvis to align a client’s torso, they provide maximum support of trunk control while...


The abductor can be used to aid in positioning of users knees, keeping them comfortably apart.


Adductors can be used to limit lateral movement of user's knees and provide a comfortable lateral boundary.


Helpful for clients with limited muscle control, leg prompts maintain body and joint alignment when sitting, by supporting each leg individually with a strap that passes around the front. Leg prompts...


The footboard is used for placement of feet and some weight-bearing through legs and feet during functional sitting activities. Also required for attaching sandals and ankle straps to meet specific...


The footboard lift provides additional elevation, enabling shorter legs to reach the footboard. Available for all three chair sizes.


Ankle straps can be used on the footboard to secure the users feet while providing a bounded range of movement. Note: Ankle straps cannot be used simultaneously with sandals.


Sandals and Wedges lift or adjust the feet of the child. Configure them yourself with the unique "stack and latch" feature. Open the latches to reconfigure, then close each latch to secure the Wedge...


The lumbar and seat support kit can be custom cut for extra postural support and proper joint and spine alignment for a specific client. Insert the lumbar support behind the backrest pad and place...


The backrest filler pad can provide additional lower back support when the chair backrest is set in one of the three highest positions, resulting in an open space between the backrest and the seat...


The mini kit makes the small Activity Chair a prime option for the smallest child – from approximately six months up to two years. Remove it as the child grows and use the same chair for many more...

$27000 Kit

Some Whitmyer headrests can now be installed on all Rifton Activity Chairs. This adapter plate gives you the option to use a Whitmyer M2100 headrest mounting bracket and the Whitmyer Onyx headrest...

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