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Miniwalk I Gait Trainer

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Product Description

MINIWALK I pediatric gait trainers from Meyland-Smith in Denmark is the newest model of walking supports for small children from approx. 1 1/2 to 4 years of age.

The gait trainer support walking system is based on the dynamic design of the MEYWALK . With each step, the spring compresses and assists with transition to swing through to the next step. It is this movement that allows for the up and down movement during gait as one transitions from heel strike, to toe-off, and through to swing through.

Growth adjustments are easily made without tools, and the body posture of the child can be set in any position from vertical to 15 degree forward tilt, making it possible to find the body inclination that gives the child the best stepping pattern.

Gait trainer adjusts quickly and easily for an exact fit every time. The MINIWALK pediatric gait trainer is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, and is easily adaptable within the classroom.

Many accessories are available to fit your Meywalk gait training system to the individual needs of the user.
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When comparing other walkers to the Meywalk and Miniwalk Gait Trainers, please remember that gait is not a linear movement. As a person steps forward, the pelvis moves down in relation to the floor, allowing for heel-strike (which provides stability) and toe-off (which provides forward propulsion). The Meywalk has a unique "spring assist" system which not only allows for this movement, but also assists the user to come back up into the mid-phase of gait.

Most pediatric and adult Gait Trainers do not allow for this up and down movement. As a result, users must find atypical ways to elicit forward propulsion, such as "pulling through" or providing lift through their forearms.

An adult displays approximately 10 cm difference in pelvic height between the mid-phase and toe-off, and most children exhibit 4-6 cm dependent on their height.

What would happen if a gait trainer did not allow for this movement

Does any other pediatric or adult gait trainer that you are looking at have this capability

Gait trainers are utilized with a wide variety of diagnosis, including Cerebral Palsy, Post Closed Head Injury, Post CVA, Geriatric Rehab and a variety of other disabilities when strength and equilibrium are compromised.

Seat/groin height:10.5" - 19"
Trunk support height:20.5" - 29"
Wheel size, front:6" x 1 1/4"
Wheel size, rear:10" x 2"
Weight:33 lbs.
Max. load:90 lbs.
  • Frame manufactured from steel tubes, powder coated.
  • Components and accessories black chromium plated /electro-galvanised.
  • Solid (purbane) wheels.
  • Rims and front wheel forks in black hard plastic with ball bearings.
  • Paddings of black water-resistant foam rubber coating.
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Anti Tippers

For use with the Meywalk Mini I and Mini II Mobility Trainers.

$21600 Pr
No Roll Back Assembly

No Roll Backs allows the meywalk to move forward but not backward. For use with the Meywalk Miniwalk I or Miniwalk II Mobility Trainers.

$26400 Pr
Hip Pads

Miniwalk I and II hip guides. Sold in pairs and includes all mounting hardware. Hip guides assist in positioning hips centered within the frame.

$45600 Pr
Drag Brakes

Drag brakes provide adjustable resistance on the rear wheel. This resistance helps to slow the users walking speed.

$21600 Pr
Leg Separator Panel

Leg separation panel is ideal for users who have a tendency to scissor while walking. This prevents the scissoring, (legs crossing over each other).

$43200 Ea
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