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Rifton Small Mobile Stander (21" Frame)

Manufacturer: Rifton Equipment
Part Number: K103
Price: $2,375.00 Ea

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The Rifton Mobile Stander is the industry leader in affordable pediatric mobile standers. With the Mobile Stander, children who are unable to stand independently can be safely supported in an upright yet mobile position, facilitating interaction with peers and the environment. The stander can be used to promote development of the motor skills necessary to increase independence in standing. Optional self propulsion large wheels the vestibular system, cerebellar input for balance, and somatosensory cueing all of which leads to improved trunk control and righting responses.

Weight bearing within prescribed limitations in an upright position has been shown to be beneficial for strength, bone mineral density, intestinal motility, postural control, tone reduction, musculoskeletal development, pulmonary function, and integumentary integrity. Learn more about building standing skills with the Mobile Stander.


  • Base Wheeled Frame
  • Adjustable Body Support
  • Padded Body Support
  • Seat Pad
  • Knee Straps
  • Fleece Body Support Strap


Overall Length and Width: 25" x 25.5"
Overall Height: 23.5" - 30"
Width w/o Big Wheels: 21"
Wheel Diameter: 20"
Length of Body Support: 20.5"
Width of Body Support: 7" - 10"
Height of Body Support: 22" - 29"
Seat Pad: 6" x 7"
Weight: 30lbs.
Weight Capacity: 50lbs.