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Rifton Large Supine Stander (TranStander) (E430) - Rifton Equipment

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The Rifton Large Supine Stander (formerly the TranStander) is for children from 46"-72" in height. Supine standing provides head support with partial weight-bearing. In the Rifton Supine Standers, children can stand at eye level with their peers. Adjustable supports on the standing aid allow for functional alignment and the child's arms are free for activities. Supine standing provides head support with partial weight-bearing.
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Rifton Large Supine Stander (TranStander) thumbnailRifton Large Supine Stander (TranStander) thumbnailRifton Large Supine Stander (TranStander) thumbnail
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Round Abduction Block and Collar
Height Adjustability In The Horizontal Position
The TranStander adjusts from 21" up to 30" for optimal positioning during transfers. Lowering to 21", the TranStander accommodates sitting transfers from most chairs/wheelchairs. Still horizontal, it can raise to any height up to 30" to accommodate other transfers, such as lying transfers from a bed or gurney.
Clear Tray
Base Frame:
The TranStander has a strong, stable base frame with 71" board accommodates patients up to 250 lbs.
Adjustable Abduction Wedge
Adjustable Abduction Wedge:
Optional use of abduction block, with available collar for 2 additional width, or use of abduction wedge with a variance of 5" - 11" width, as well as knee straps for lower extremity positioning.
Sandals and Wedges
Sandals and Wedges:
The sandals keep feet positioned correctly and can be adjusted to the individual by moving them in and out, backward and forward. Used in conjunction with the wedges, the sandals of the stander even out weight distribution
Ease of Adjustability
Easy-To-Use Manual Crank:
As the board approaches near vertical, it takes fewer revolutions of the crank to move more degrees, due to the mechanics of the base frame. Gas assist makes for easier, smoother cranking. And being manual, it is far more reliable than electric or hydraulic adjustments with their high failure/replacement rates.
Calibration Markings
Calibration Markings:
The TranStander has calibration markings on the frame base useful for specifying positioning.
Support Blocks
Lateral Support Blocks:
Lateral support blocks can slide out of the way prior to transfers. Used for positioning, the lateral support blocks can slide in as close as 8" or 9", and as far apart as 16".
Low Footboard
Low Footboard:
The low footboard of the TranStander allows patient to be close to a normal, peer-friendly upright position. Although best left as close to the floor as possible for the patients security, the footboard is also height adjustable to optimize positioning for caregiver intervention depending on the height of the patient.
Unique S-Curved Base Frame
Unique S-Curved Base Frame:
The unique s-curved base frame of the TranStander provides clearance for transfer devices and a better stance for caregivers during the transfer process.

Board Length and Width:71" x 19"
Distance Between Lateral Supports9" - 16"
Height When Horizontal :21" - 30"
Height When Vertical:74"
Base length and width:46.5" - 29.5"
Weight Capacity:250lbs
Optional Tray Dimensions:26" x 15"
  • Casters for mobility; double-locking to prevent roll and swivel for fixed positioning
  • Arm rests fold down, or can be secured at varying angles. Activity tray attaches to arm rests.
  • Arm anchors attach securely to tray with a suction cup attachment. They provide options for stabilization of the patient's forearms to give added stab
  • Top 14" of the board flips down for a patient who demonstrates head control.
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Cream Tray

The Tray has a smooth, cleanable working surface with rounded corners. Angle of Tray can be changed by adjusting the armrests. Choose between the clear tray shown here and a cream-colored tray.

$32000 Ea
Adjustable Abduction Wedge

The Adjustable Abduction Wedge can be changed from 3.5" - 11" in width (5° - 25° abduction),depending on how much abduction is desired. The picture above shows the wedge with a Hip Stabilizer...

$21500 Ea
Round Abduction Block

The Round Abduction Block helps maintain 4" of comfortable knee separation. The Collar adds 2" more abduction to the Round Abduction Block.

$7700 Ea
Medium Sandals 4" x 9" (Pair)

Sandals and Wedges, in three sizes, raise heels or toes. Configure them yourself with the unique "stack and latch" feature. For different leg lengths combine two wedges under one sandal.

$9000 Ea
Large Sandals 5" x 10.5" (Pair)

Sandals and Wedges, in three sizes, raise heels or toes. Configure them yourself with the unique "stack and latch" feature. For different leg lengths combine two wedges under one sandal.

$9300 Ea
Extra Pair of Large Lateral Support Blocks

Extra pair of Large Lateral Blocks (E439) help align the trunk and are adjustable width-wise and up and down. Large Lateral Blocks fit the Large Supine Stander.

$19500 Ea
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Hand Anchor
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