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Squiggles Stander Support Shell

Squiggles Stander Support ShellSquiggles Stander Support Shell thumbnailSquiggles Stander Support Shell thumbnail
Part Number:118-600/118-764
Retail Price: $3,948.00
Price:$3,658.00 Ea
118-764 - Squiggles Pivot Base

Squiggles Stander Support Shell $3,658.00    Qty: Add to Cart


The Squiggles Standing Support has a cushioned (1) pelvic positioning support which can adjust in height, depth, width and angle to ensure your child is supported in a secure position comfortably. The (2) chest positioning support adjusts in exactly the same way with the addition of an adjustable (3) cushioned sternum pad which offers an extra element of support. This has proven to be very successful in encouraging extension and promoting a greater range of activities by offering a wide range of freedom for the arms. In supine the Squiggles Standing Support has a (4) Leckey headrest which if required can provide comfortable head support. It can also accept many other head supports including the Whitmyer and Otto Bock range ensuring comfortable and secure head positioning. Secure and stable knee and foot placement is essential in standing.

The Squiggles Standing Support has a large angle adjustable (5) footplate which supports sandals giving positive foot placement. The cushioned (6) knee supports are individually adjustable in height, angle, rotation and depth. There are cushioned (6) knee pads which support their knees when supine standing. The Squiggles Standing Support is designed to offer the children the ability to engage in a wide variety of activities offering the versatility of accommodating the child in more than one posture. By converting in seconds it gives them access to a greater range of activities and positioning opportunities. The contoured (7) activity tray can be used when in either prone or supine position. It can support a range of activities including suspension items.

(Unit Requires Base and covers)

  1. Pelvic positioning support
  2. Chest positioning support
  3. Cushioned sternum pad
  4. Head support
  5. Footplate
  6. Knee supports


Age:1-5 years
Max. User Weight:48.4 lbs.
User Standing Height:29.5" - 43.5"
Chest Support Height:21.5" - 32"
Chest Support Width:6.3" - 9"
Chest Support Angle Adjustment:+/- 30°
Chest Support Depth Adjustment:2"
Hip Support (height from footplate to mid buttocks):11.8" - 20.8"
Hip Width (distance between hip guides):6.3" - 9"
Distance between midline of knees:5.5" - 8.4"
Footplate Angle:10° Plantarflexion / Dorsifexion
Sandal Size (Small):6.9"L x 3"W
Sandal Size (Medium):8.3"L x 3.2"W
Tray Height (Prone):21.9" - 32.5"
Tray Height (Supine):18.9" - 32.5"
Prone Tray Angle Adjustment:30°
Supine Tray Angle Adjustment:40°
Stander Support Frame Dimensions:26.8"L x 15.4"W x 15.4"H
Support Frame Weight:15.4 lbs.
Pivot Base Dimensions:32.3"L x 21.7"W x 20.3"H
Pivot Base Dimensions (Folded):27.6"L x 21.7"W x 11.8"H
Pivot Base Angle Range:90° - 160°
Pivot Base Weight:12.1 lbs.
Easel Base Dimensions (Folded):27.2"L x 21.3"W x 2.4"H
Easel Base Weight:3.3 lbs.


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