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Kaye Posture Control Reverse Walker

Kaye Posture Control Reverse WalkerKaye Posture Control Reverse Walker thumbnailKaye Posture Control Reverse Walker thumbnailKaye Posture Control Reverse Walker thumbnailKaye Posture Control Reverse Walker thumbnail
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The KAYE Posture Control Reverse Walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve postural alignment and maximize the potential for walking. Several studies have supported the clinical observations that children with CP have improved posture and gait characteristics when they walk with posture walkers. Other publications describe improvements in alignment, cadence and stride and step length in children who have myelodysplasia, osteogenesis imperfecta, or other musculoskeletal impairments.

Kaye's most popular posture control style walker, the "B" Frame, is available in five sizes. These walkers can accommodate many accessories, including the Leg Abductor, Suspension (kit) Conversion System, Add-A-Seat and Soft Sling Support. They are available with two or four wheels and with many wheel configurations. The walkers fold easily for transport.

The "R" Frame walkers are similar in design to the "B" frame walkers, but are wider to accommodate orthotics or children who have wide hips and need more space within the walker frame. The "R" frames are available in three sizes and can accommodate many accessories. The R walkers are designed for users with increased width; however, the weight capacity of the user is the same for the "R" and "B" frames.

The "C" Frame walkers are designed for large teenagers or adults who may benefit from using a posture control walker. With a similar design as the "B" frame, the "C" frame is available in one size and can accommodate users up to 250 pounds with a floor to mid-buttock measurement up to 41". These walkers also fold easily for transport.


KAYE Posture Control Walkers place the support behind the user, which requires the person to adapt to a more upright posture and places his center of mass within the base of support of the walker. This helps the user to coordinate rhythm and timing of swing and stance phases of gait when impaired balance prevents independent walking.
KAYE Posture Control Walkers are available in six heights and two widths to accommodate users from 18 months into adulthood. The latex-free handgrips with flanged ends help align the users arms and hands comfortably at his sides as weight is taken on extended arms.

2 Wheeled model shown above

Optional swivel front wheels shown above
KAYE Posture Control Walkers have different wheel configurations to provide options for various environments.
The basic KAYE walkers have crutch tips on the rear legs. This creates greater friction against the floor so that the walker moves more slowly. This can be an advantage for users who have serious balance impairments.
The R walkers have 4 wheels with ratcheted rear wheels that do not roll backwards. The 4- wheeled walkers move forward with each step. This helps simulate a stance-swing pattern so that the person walks safely with more normal reciprocal rhythm.
The S walkers include swivel wheels. These swivel front wheels help increase the ease of maneuverability and turning. The swivel wheels can be locked for straight-ahead tracking and then unlocked for easier use within classrooms or homes. Users, if they want the ease of turning but are not comfortable with the full swivel option, can add swivel limiters,model WSL1 which adjusts to limit the amount of swivel
RR option gives the walker one way roller-bearing rear wheels and rubber tires to reduce noise. Teens often prefer a quieter walker. These still retain the anti roll-back feature that the standard, ratcheted rear wheels offer.
The Kaye Suspension Accessory attaches to the Kaye Posture Control B-series Walkers and allows these walkers to function as a partial body-weight bearing system. This is useful when it is desirable to provide dynamic standing or gait training before the child had developed antigravity strength, postural control or balance.
The Kaye Suspension Accessory with the Kaye Harness, holds the client securely and allows the client to practice over ground walking with partial or full weightbearing as needed. Clinical studies have shown that this is a particularly useful intervention strategy when postural instability, weakness or the fear of falling inhibits gaining or regaining reciprocal movements for walking.
The Kaye Postural Control Walker folds with the Suspension Accessory in place for easy transportation or storage. The Suspension Accessory removes with snap buttons when it is appropriate for the client to use the walker independent of suspension or when more compact folding is needed.
Kaye Suspension Accessory


ModelFloor To Handle HeightDepth Of HandleWidth Between HandlesWeight Limit
W1/2B14.5" - 20"9"13.5"60lbs.
W1B16.5" - 22"9"13.5"60lbs.
W2B19" - 25"9.5"13.5"85lbs.
W3B23" - 30.5"10.5"15"130lbs.
W4B28.5" - 36"13.5"16"180lbs.
R2B19" - 25"10.5"15.5"85lbs.
R3B23" - 30.5"12.5"17.5"130lbs.
R4B28.5" - 36"13.5"19"180lbs.
W5C35.5" - 41.5"15"18.5"250lbs.