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Symmetrikit Primo Early Intervention Sleep Positioning System

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The Symmetrisleep Primo Early Intervention Sleep Positioning System is designed by experts specifically for the needs of 0-3 year olds. Not just for sleep, the Primo can also be used on the floor for daytime comfort and play.

In their early years, children with atypical muscle tone can have difficulty lying straight due to effects of gravity. Being supported while they lay in a symmetrical position allows a child the ability to learn what the comfort of proper positioning feels like while improving their ability to function and play.

The Primo Sleep Positioning System begins with a bag that unfolds to form a base mattress. This can be secured to a cot or bed with the securing straps supplied. Attached to the top face of the mattress is a Velcro sheet and on top of that is your Coolover TR3 sheet.

Various soft supports are supplied in the bag. These can be added or removed when your baby is lying on the system to mold to the desired position - offering soft and stable support without being restrictive.

Since the supports are held in place by Velcro, they don't drift out of position and you don't need to reposition them until you actually want to which reduces disturbances.

The 'baby soft' Primo Sleep Positioning System is easy to keep clean. All fabrics are machine washable and can be cool dried. The base unit, cushions and wedges can be wiped clean.
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Primo Starter Pack

Starter Pack Has Everything You Need

Included with this Primo Sleep Positioning System Starter Pack:

Carrying Bag/Base Mattress
Base Velcro Sheet
Coolover Sheet
Head Pillow with Cover
Four 'D' Wedge Supports with Covers
Small Crumb Roll Cushion with Cover
Pair of Security Straps

Easy to Use, Adjust and Take Anywhere

Easy to Use, Adjust and Take Anywhere

Primo is simple and easy to use unzip the carry bag and you're ready to go. You can use it on any flat surface where there is no risk of falling.

Simply lay your child on the built in temperature regulating top sheet and start using.

In addition, the Primo is compact and lightweight - coming in an all-in-one carry bag you can take anywhere.

Superior Temperature Regulation

Superior Temperature Regulation

If skin temperature starts to rise, tiny capsules in the Coolover TR3 top sheets start to absorb heat, cooling baby down; if their skin temperature starts to fall too far, heat will be released back to baby, offering active temperature regulation.

If your baby still sweats at normal temperature, our special weave pulls moisture away from their skin and disperses it to promote evaporation this superior wicking helps to keep their skin dry for maximum comfort.

  • Ready to Use Day or Night
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to Use, Adjust and Take Anywhere
  • Washable and Wipe Clean Materials
  • Velcro Sheet Keeps Supports Securely in Place
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