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Lightning Pediatric Stroller

Lightning Pediatric StrollerLightning Pediatric Stroller thumbnailLightning Pediatric Stroller thumbnailLightning Pediatric Stroller thumbnailLightning Pediatric Stroller thumbnail
Manufacturer:Stealth Products
Part Number:LT
Retail Price: $1,545.00
Price:$999.00 Ea

Lightning Pediatric Stroller $999.00    Qty: Add to Cart


The LIGHTNING is a lightweight, highly functional Pediatric Mobility Base designed with the creational look that complements today's lifestyle. The LIGHTNING is an innovative vehicle constructed of super 'tuff, super light, 7000 Series aluminum. The LIGHTNING is especially convenient for transporting and storage due to its easy to operate "Stand & Fold" feature. The Lightning has been successfully crash tested and is available with a transportation Tie Down Kit.

Ideal for school transportation and home use. Transit system included!

For function, performance, and durability in a beautiful package...NOTHING BEATS THE LIGHTNING!


Seat Width (Between Canes)11" (27.94cm)14" (35.56cm)16" (40.64cm)
Seat Width (Outside Canes)12 3/4" (32.39cm)15 3/4" (40.01cm)16 3/4" (42.55cm)
Seat Depth10" (25.40cm) to 12" (30.48cm)12" (30.48cm) to 14" (35.56cm)16" (40.64cm) to 18" (45.72cm)
Width Between Armrests13 1/2" (34.29cm)16 1/4" (41.28cm)17 1/2" (44.45cm)
Overall Width19 1/2" (49.53cm)24" (60.96cm)25" (63.50cm)
Overall Height (With Push Handle)36" (91.44cm)36" (91.44cm)38" (96.52cm)
Overall Length (With Footplate)38" (96.52cm)42" (106.68cm)44" (111.76cm)
Overall Length (Without Footplate)31" (78.74cm)35" (88.90cm)37" (93.98cm)
Length Wheel to Wheel27" (68.58cm)27" (68.58cm)27" (68.58cm)
Seat to Floor20" (50.8 cm) @ 11" (27.94 cm)21" (53.34 cm) @ 14" (35.56 cm)22" (55.88cm)
Seat Angle (Dump)30°30°30°
Back Uphostery19 1/4" (48.90cm)24" (60.96cm)24 3/4" (62.87cm)
Seat to Footrest1" (2.54cm) to 12" (30.48cm)1" (2.54cm) to 17" (43.18cm)
Back Angle Settings85°, 90° and 95°85°, 90° and 95°85°, 90° and 95°
Folded Dimensions19.25"(48.90 cm) W x 19.25"(48.90 cm) D x 25.5"(64.77 cm) H24"(60.96 cm) W x 19.25"(48.90 cm) D x 27.5"(68.85 cm) H25" (63.5 cm) W x 16"(40.64 cm) D x 28"(71.12 cm) H
Weight of Chair (w/o Riggings)25lbs (11,340.00g)27lbs (12,247.20g)28lbs (12,700.80g)
Weight Capacity75lbs (34,020.00g)100lbs (45,360.00g)150lbs (68,040.00g)
Front Wheels6" (15.24cm)6" (15.24cm)6" (15.24cm)
Rear Wheels10" (25.40cm)10" (25.40cm)10" (25.40cm)
Headrest ExtensionAdds 6" (15.24cm) of HeightAdds 6" (15.24cm) of HeightAdds 6" (15.24cm) of Height
Width of Back Seat (Tube to Tube)11" (27.94cm)14" (35.56cm)15" (38.10cm)
Width of Back Seat Outside (Tube to Tube)12 3/4" (32.39cm)15 1/2" (39.37cm)16 3/4" (42.55cm)
Seat to Top of Back (Upholstery)20 1/4" (51.44cm)24" (60.96cm)25" (63.50cm)
Seat to Top of Back (to Handle)25" (63.50cm)25" (63.50cm)28" (71.12cm)
Footplate7 1/4" (18.42cm) x 5 7/16" (13.81cm)7 1/4" (18.42cm) x 5 7/16" (13.81cm)7 1/4" (18.42cm) x 5 7/16" (13.81cm)
Footplate Adjustment(for and aft)2" (5.08cm)2" (5.08cm)2" (5.08cm)
Footplate Mounts(Outside Width)15 3/4" (40.01cm)16" (40.64cm)17" (43.18cm)
Tubing7/8" (22.23mm)7/8" (22.23mm)7/8" (22.23mm)
Overal Length(w/o Riggings)26 1/2" (67.31cm)29 1/2" (74.93cm)34" (86.36cm)


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