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Strive Pediatric Adaptive Stroller

Manufacturer: Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Part Number: ST1xxx
Retail Price: $1,899.00
Price: $960.00 Ea

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Introducing Strive: your go-to Adaptive Stroller for effortless travel. Crafted with lightweight materials and a user-friendly folding mechanism, Strive prioritizes convenience without compromising on functionality. Engineered with a plethora of positioning options, it ensures optimal upper body support, promotes healthy posture, and facilitates comprehensive full-body positioning.

Featuring tension straps, Strive enables seamless customization of back firmness, catering to individual preferences and requirements. Our design ethos revolves around inclusivity, catering to the varied needs of children with disabilities through thoughtful features and optional accessories.

Available in four sizes, Strive grows with your child, thanks to its adjustable seat depth feature. Experience the perfect blend of versatility, comfort, and accessibility with Strive Adaptive Stroller.

Lightweight, Folding Frame

Lightweight, Folding Frame

The Strive adaptive stroller is lightweight and folds easily for transport or storage. Includes a secure tie closure for easier handling while folded. Lightweight design starts at only 33lbs.

Adjustable Seat and Back Angles

Adjustable Strap Upholstery

Adjustable Straps allow for precise adjustments for the lumbar and thoracic sections of the spine.


Model ST1200 (12") ST1400 (14") ST1600 (16") ST1800 (18")
Seat Width: 12" 14" 16" 18"
Seat Depth: 9" - 13" 10" - 14" 11" - 15" 12" - 16"
Seat to Footrest: 4" - 20" 4" - 20" 4" - 20" 4" - 20"
Back Height: 24" 24" 24" 24"
Seat to Back Angle: 80° - 95° 80° - 95° 80° - 95° 80° - 95°
Tilt Angle: 20° 20° 20° 20°
Weight Capacity 75lbs 100lbs 170lbs 250lbs
Weight Capacity ( Transit) 75lbs 100lbs 165lbs 165lbs
Overall Weight: 33lbs 34lbs 35lbs 36lbs
Color: Red Red Blue Blue


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