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Kaye Tilting Table

Manufacturer: Kaye Products
Part Number: TTX
Price: $484.00 Ea
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Occupational and physical therapists emphasize the importance of an adjustable-height work surface to develop proficiency in visual attention, reach, grasp and prehension. The KAYE T-Table, with its tilting work surface, permits a child to be positioned at the optimal distance from the work. This helps stabilize the eyes, head, and trunk, and insures freer movements of the scapula, arm, and wrist, all of which contributes to precise hand use when manipulating objects.

The KAYE T-Tables are specifically designed to work in combination with KAYE Adjustable Benches and T-Seats. Because these tables are lightweight, a therapist can easily move the table in front of the child after the child is seated securely. This makes them convenient products for therapy programs, particularly when space is a limitation.


Table surface 14 3/4" x 20 3/4" 20" x 29 3/4"
Height from floor 12" - 17" 17 3/4" - 25 1/2"
Width under table 14 1/2" 21 1/2"
Surface tilts 0 to 90° 0 to 90°