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Oxygen Accessories

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With 3 PSI internal, audible, safety pop-off alarm. Rigid and durable wing nut and lid. Unique, hand-dipped , soft plastic diffuser. Inlet nipple, stem and diffuser bonded into a single unit. Soft...

Unit dose vials for in Inhalation therapy. For use with any nebulizer. 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Color-coded for easy identification.

$1968 BX 100

Medium-concentration mask made from soft, high-grade vinyl resins. The smooth, feathered edges are designed for patient comfort while reducing irritation points. Designed for anatomical compatibility.

Carefusion 001201, 001200
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AirLife disposable corrugated tubing for aerosol and IPPB applications offers flexibility and convenience to meet therapeutic needs. Tubing segmented every 6". Composed of polyethylene acetate (EVA)...

Carefusion 001405, 001427
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$4090 Ca 1

AirLife Cushion Nasal Cannulas have a soft, clear design that provides optimum patient comfort. All supply tubing is crush-resistant to prevent occlusion and kinking.

Carefusion 002606, 002600-4, 002600, 002600-25
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AirLife intubation adapter has a 22 mm Outer Diameter / 15 mm Inner Diameter connection at both ends. Delivered clean and ready to use.

The AirLife cannulas offer an angulated, flexible lip plate, which provides comfort at the tip of the nasal region, with beveled tips to provide a softer edge. Disposable cannulas are curved and are...

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Usefully for aeorsal tubing and CPAP circuits. Sterile.

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Micro-diffuser produces smaller bubbles and greater surface agitation for quiet operation and high humidity output. Includes 000-40 Humidifier Adaptor.

Hudson RCI / Teleflex 003-40, 005-40, 006-40
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Crush resistant green colored tubing enhances patient safety with added tube visibility.

Carefusion 001303GRN, 001304GRN, 001305GRN, 001306GRN
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Disposable, vinyl-tipped oxygen tubing with crush-resistent lumen to resist occlusion.

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  •  Velcro brand touch fastener storage pouch.
  •  Opening for threading cannula on side of bag.
  •  Vertical, horizontal, or backpack configuration.

3-digit LCD display. Ultra light weight & stable. Maintenance free. Extended battery life. Easy calibration. Auto off.

$34300 Ca 1
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  •  Automatic shut-off extends battery life
  •  Two AA batteries provide over 16,000 readings
  •  Includes connection tube

1-gallon warm steam vaporizer with safety light and auto shut-off. Provides proper humidity levels for up to 10 hours per filling to keep your respiratory system moist and help relieve cold and flu...

  •  Anatomically curved to fit upper lip.
  •  Curved, tapered nasal prongs.
  •  Over-the-ear style headset.

Salter Labs 1600-1-50, 1600-4-50, 1600-7-50, 1600-14-50, 1600-25-25
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  •  Knock-down construction allows for a smaller package size, ideal for shipping and stocking

$6100 Ca 1
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These holding chambers are designed to optimize delivery of metered dose inhaler (MDI) asthma medication by providing a more fine particle dose than an MDI alone. The 218 mL chambers provide greater...

Respironics 1079823, 1079826, 1079827
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Clear, lightweight nasal cannula with unique, one-piece, anatomical design. Eliminates the need for flap, which can cause irritation resulting in maximum patient comfort. Over-the-ear style ensures...

The Micro Cannula (for use with 3 lpm or less of oxygen) provides superior comfort for the active, low-flow user. Clear, lightweight nasal cannula with unique, one-piece, anatomical design...

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