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Respiratory Accessories

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Disposable drainage bag with tee adaptor accepts standard 22 mm ID corrugated tubing. 750cc bag capacity. Self-locking plastic chain secures bag to a stable object. Convenient drainage port.

$495 Ea

AirLife disposable corrugated tubing for aerosol and IPPB applications offers flexibility and convenience to meet therapeutic needs. Composed of polyethylene/ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) plastic for...

$270 Ea

Liquid column thermometers may be used with most ventilator manifolds and heated aerosol setups. The small tapered end will fit most ported straight adapters and patient “Y” adapters, or its 15...

$410 Ea

Easy and convenient to use thin 5-3/4in strips, which can be trimmed to fit and attached firmly to tubing with the adhesive on the strip. Easy to keep clean; it does not mat. Prevent chafing, sores...

$11500 Ca 100

Replacement bottles for the DeVilbiss 7305 Series Vacu-Aide Portable Suction Units. Lid included. Tubing not included.

$2490 Ea
  •  Designed to carry and store nebulizers
  •  Has a zippered cover and zippered pouch to conceal nebulizer accessories
  •  Includes adjustable carry strap

$3200 Ea

Reusable design provides a continuous leak path in the breathing circuit. An exhalation device is a required component of the breathing circuit when using a Respironics full face mask with a...

$4900 Ea
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