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Bantam Small Pediatric Standing Frame

Bantam Small Pediatric Standing FrameBantam Small Pediatric Standing Frame thumbnailBantam Small Pediatric Standing Frame thumbnailBantam Small Pediatric Standing Frame thumbnailBantam Small Pediatric Standing Frame thumbnail
Manufacturer:Altimate Medical - Easy Stand
Part Number:PT50002-1
Retail Price: $2,404.00
Price:$1,975.00 Ea

Bantam Small Pediatric Standing Frame $1,975.00    Qty: Add to Cart
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  • Foot Plates
  • Knee Pads
  • Gas Spring Lift with Foot Pedal
  • Black Upholstered Planar Seat and Back
  • Two 5" Front Wheels
  • Two 3" Rear Locking Swivel Casters
  • Chest Strap


The EasyStand Bantam is the new pediatric stander by Altimate Medical. By integrating a supine option into the sit-to-stand stander, the child has even more positioning options.

The Bantam standing frame is available in two different seating systems: standard planar seating or optional comfy-style seating. It comes in two sizes, Extra Small for kids 28" - 40" tall and Small for kids 36" - 54" tall.

Like all EasyStand products, the Bantam includes tool-free adjustments that make it ideal for multi-user environments. To accommodate the needs of a variety of kids, the Bantam is also available with optional supine positioning. Numerous options and precise positioning provide your child with the ultimate standing experience.

Sitting PositionNeutral Postioning
Upright StandingSupine Standing

A Multitude of Standing Positions

The EasyStand Bantam is a true multi-positioning device. From task performance seating, to anterior tilt standing, the Bantam makes a great classroom chair. Children who are difficult to transfer due to high tone can utilize the Bantam with the supine option to do a flat-to-load transfer. Therapists appreciate how the Bantam can be used as transition stander for kids who need a supine stander now, but eventually want to progress to upright standing, utilizing the sit-to-stand transition.

Unique Options found only on the EasyStand Bantam:

  • The Bantam combines the ease of a sit-to-stand stander with the option of supine positioning.
  • The Bantams optional Shadow Tray supports the child from sitting to standing.
  • The Bantam offers an independent transition to standing with the optional hand-operated hydraulic pump.
  • The Bantam is available with standard planar seating, optional comfy seating, or a combination of both.

Natural sit-to-stand transition gently brings child to standing

One person can transfer the child from their wheelchair into the stander in the seated position. Secure positioning straps and optional Shadow Tray Depress foot button to activate the gas spring assisted lift; elevate child to the desired position

Bantam Shadow Tray for Schools

The ability to use the Bantam Shadow Tray as both a stander and a desk make it a perfect choice in a school setting. As the child moves into a standing position, the tray shadows them, providing tray access in all positions from sitting to standing. Children who have contractures and stand partially upright have complete access to the tray, while remaining fully supported.

Why Stand Kids with Disabilities?

There are a number of excellent research studies documenting the medical benefits of standing programs for a childs long-term health. Besides the medical benefits, children have also experienced enhanced social development & peer interaction while standing. Therapists and teachers have noticed increased alertness, vocalization and responsiveness. Parents have observed how activities of daily living have increased, and kids like how standing stimulates play!


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