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EasyStand Evolv Large Standing Frame - Minimum Support Package

Manufacturer: Altimate Medical - Easy Stand
Part Number: PK205
Retail Price: $5,884.00
Price: $4,824.00 Ea
PNG50499 - Easy-Adjust Seat Depth
PNG50460-1 - Flip Back Knee Pads
PNG50015-1 - Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates
PNG50247-1 - Black Molded Tray w/ Front Pad
PNG30001 - Medium Chest Pad
PNG51051 - 5" Fixed Front Wheels
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EasyStand Evolv Standing Frame with Minimal Support Package is designed to provide optimal support and comfort. This basic standing frame configuration offers all the essential components needed for a basic standing experience. Ideal for users who don't require a multitude of positioning components.

One of the standout features of the EasyStand Evolv MSP is its selection of backrest options. You have the freedom to choose from four different backrest options, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your unique needs.

The package also includes a range of included features that enhance usability and functionality. The Positioning Belt, Chest Strap, and Black Molded Tray with Chest Pad provide added support and stability, while the Flip-Up Knee Pad and Planar Seat offer comfort and proper alignment. Additionally, the Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates and 5" Front Wheels, paired with the 5" Rear Locking Casters, ensure smooth movement and easy maneuverability.

evolv easy adjust seat depth

Easy Adjust Seat Depth:

Allows for quick adjustment of seat depth. Finding the correct seat depth is worryfree and ensures user gets fully vertical when standing. Color matched adjustments make for even greater repeatability when adjusting for multiple users.

Evolv removable backrest

Removable Backrest:

Removable backrest option is ideal for transfers using patient lifts. Lossen two knobs for easy removal.

Molded Tray With Chest Pad:

Molded tray adjusts in height and depth. Adjustmwents help align individual during standing. Constructed of durable molded plastic.

Evolv Flip Back Knee Pad

One Piece Flip Back Kneel Pad:

Flip back knee pad adjusts in depth and flips back out of the way for transfers.


Height Range: 5'0" - 6'2"
Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot): 18" - 23"
Seat to Footplate Range (from seat pivot): 14" - 21"
Knee Width (center to center): 9"
Kneepad Depth Range (from seat pivot): 3.5" - 5.75"
Seat Height: 21.5"
Seat Dimensions: 19?W x 21.5?L
Standard Tray Size: 21" x 24"
Tray/Chest Pad Depth Range (from seat pivot): 0" - 10.5"
Standard Tray Height Range (from seat pivot): 15.5" - 30.5"
Footprint (at widest points): 26.5" x 33.5"
Weight of Basic Unit: 104 lbs
Frame Color: Charcoal
Standard Upholstery Color: Black
Locking Caster Diameter: 5"
Footplates-Plantar: 10° in 3° increments
Footplates-Dorsi: 10° in 3° increments
Footplates-Toe-out: 15° in 3° increments
Box 1 Shipping Dimensions: (30"x32"x17")
Box 1 Shipping Weight: 80 lbs
Box 2 Shipping Dimensions: (24"x24"x30")
Box 2 Shipping Weight: 80 lbs