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EasyStand Zing MPS Size 1

EasyStand Zing MPS Size 1EasyStand Zing MPS Size 1 thumbnailEasyStand Zing MPS Size 1 thumbnailEasyStand Zing MPS Size 1 thumbnailEasyStand Zing MPS Size 1 thumbnail
Manufacturer:Altimate Medical - Easy Stand
Part Number:PA5520
Retail Price: $1,241.00
Price:$1,017.00 Ea

EasyStand Zing MPS Size 1 $1,017.00    Qty: Add to Cart


  • Four Swivel Locking Casters
  • Foot Operated Gas Spring
  • Mast Receiver with Prone Position Lockout
  • Seamlessly Transition from Upright to Supine and Prone.


The EasyStand Zing Multi-Position Stander (MPS) is the only pediatric stander that allows a child to seamlessly go from a full supine to prone position without having to change, turn or flip pads and foot plates or transfer a child in and out of the stander. In one fluid motion, the child can be positioned between supine, upright and prone positions.

The EasyStand Zings advantages aren't limited to its groundbreaking frame design, its the options that further set it apart from all other pediatric standers. Leg abduction up to 30 degrees in each leg is possible, multi-adjustable tray is angle adjustable and swings away both to the left and right while still remaining attached to the frame. Leg length discrepancies and hip and knee contractures are accommodated with multi-adjustable foot plates, independent adjustable calf pads and multi-adjustable knee pads.

The modular design of the EasyStand Zing helps ensure the correct stander is ordered for each child. Tool free adjustments make standing in the Zing easier, which often leads to increased standing program compliance. The Zing MPS size 1 has a terrific user range, fitting most children from infancy to 44 and up to 70 pounds.

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True Hip Pivot Leg Abduction

True Hip Pivot Leg Abduction

  • Pivots at the hips for proper leg alignment in hips, knees, and feet
  • Feet maintain angle with the rest of the legs - no wedges needed
  • Up to 30 of abduction per leg
  • Promotes musculoskeletal development for infants, toddlers, and kids

Transferring into the Zing

Transferring into the Zing

Flat-to-load and semi-supine transfers into the Zing are made as easy as possible with a positioning surface at a comfortable height. The swing-away tray gets out of the way quickly while remaining attached to the unit and easily accessible.

Multi-Use Tray

Multi-Use Tray

  • Angle adjustable and able to swing away, the tray opens from either the left or the right, or can be removed completely
  • Tray can remain attached during flat-to-load transfers
  • More activities are possible by swinging tray away during standing therapy

True Multi-Position Stander

  • The base allows three positions without changing pads, flipping foot plates, or moving the tray
  • Provides a smooth transition from a flat to load transfer to supine, upright, and prone
  • Base can be locked out so frame will only go supine and upright
  • Gas spring lockout is available to prevent inadvertent positioning changes