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Symmetry Standing Frame

Manufacturer: Prime Engineering
Part Number: SYMMETRY
Price: $2,750.00 Ea

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Symmetry is built with plenty of room in front of the seat so you could get in and out easily. We built it so you can transfer onto a flat surface, instead of one that slopes forward. The seat is smooth on the front edge so you can slide across it without any bulky hardware in your way. We eliminated the tubes on the outside of the lower base frame so you can roll up close to self transfer or easily be transferred with a patient lift.

When looking at the mechanics of a solid seat standing system, it was easy to see that careful attention had to be paid to the pivot points of the seating system. Instead of using an under seat hydraulic lift with a seat that hinged from a fixed pivot point, Symmetry is designed with lift arms that pull the system up and forward smoothly. This Over-Center-Seat stands you fully upright and slides with your body, not against it. Our Sliding-Seat dramatically reduces shear and decreases spasms by maintaining the position of your body on the seat and minimizing pressure as you stand.

Special attention was given to the backrest and the positioning devices that are needed by many clients to support them to sit or stand correctly. Our development process made sure that the back stays with you as you move to your standing position and back to seated. The design of Symmetry makes sure that contact is made to supply the support that you need in the areas that you need it. Every back that we supply is standard with our Adjustable-Sliding-Back system. This system is fully adjustable to allow you to personalize each unit to the individual needs of the client. With this product, any individual supports you may need to help you stand properly will stay in place from sitting to standing, supporting you the way that they were meant to and the way you would expect them to.

Youth Size (3'6" - 5'6") 150 pounds.
Adult Size (5' - 6'5") 250 pounds.

It's time YOU stood in Symmetry!

Shown With Optional: Headrest, Extended Back, Headrest, Hip Guides, Lateral Supports, and 2 pc Handle

Standard Features: Padded sliding seat; Flip up depth adjustable knee pad; Adjustable height, toe-in, toe-out, planter-flexion / dorsi-flexion shoe holders; Height. and depth adjustable table top; Adjustable chest pad; Hydraulic pump; Flip back armrests; H-Frame base with 4 plastic casters and Black frame.


Youth Size: (3'6" - 5'6") 150 pounds
Adult Size: (5' - 6'5") 250 pounds


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