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OptiFlex 3 Knee Continuous Passive Motion Unit

Manufacturer: Chattanooga
Part Number: 2090K
Retail Price: $3,156.16
Price: $2,999.00 Ea
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OptiFlex - The first real innovation in CPM in a decade! The sleek design of the OptiFlex 3 CPM is therapeutically functional as well as appealing to the eye. The ultra-wide carriage is designed to accommodate the typical knee replacement patient, athletes and pediatric patients. Designed to provide anatomical motion for CPM Knee Patients from Pediatric to Adult.

Includes Patient Kit, context sensitive help and a multiple language interface. Built-in carry handle. On-board power supply along with surface mount electronics to maximize reliability. Force Reversal safety feature lets you safely set amount of passive force without causing unnecessary post-surgical pain.

The OptiFlex 3 features several new innovations, including:
Progressive ROM Auto ROM Increase - Eliminates time consuming adjustments by automatically increasing daily range of motion.
Oscillation Zone ROM Stretch Repeat - Allows more time spent in the active or working range of motion.
Fast Back ROM Accelerator - Accelerates through non-working ROM while knee spends more time in active range of motion.
Comfort Zone ROM Limiter - Addresses patient pain threshold by providing therapy at a reduced flexion angle limit.


Range of Motion: Hyper Extension: -10° Flexion: 120°
Pauses: 0 - 30 Seconds
Speed: 30 - 150° Min
Force Reversal: 35 - 75 lbs
Patient Usage: Left / Right Universal
Weight: 27lbs. (12 kg)
Length: 37" (94 cm)
Power Input: 100-240v, 50/60 Hz, 75VA
Box Size: 41" x 17" x 10" (approx)
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (159 kg)