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Moist Heating Pads

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  •  Contour design cradles the neck and shoulder area
  •  Reusable microwavable moist heat therapy

$6000 Ea
Parts Available

TheraTherm is an electric moist heating pad designed for home use. TheraTherm, as opposed to dry forms of heat, draws moisture from the air and retains it in a specially designed cotton blend...

$5648 Ea

Deep-Heat Therapy Pack with Easy-Comfort Switch. Convenient, controlled, moist heat for treatment of back pain, arthritis, TMJ, rheumatic pain, inflammation of joints and muscle spasms. Produces...

$6310 Ea

Push button switch w/ Three heat settings (Low, Medium, High). Sponge pad for moist heat. 90 Minute Automatic Shut-Off.

$4999 Ea
  •  Offers reusable heat therapy to treat minor aches and pains
  •  Great for the shoulders, knees and back
  •  Microwaveable design produces moist heat for optimal use

$2600 Ea

The hydroscopic beads in every TheraBeads product have a patented coating that enhances their ability to capture moisture. When heated in a microwave, they release retained moisture. After treatment...

$4400 Ea
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