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BARDIA Silicone Elastomer Latex Foley Catheter - 30cc

Manufacturer: Bard
Part Number: 123616A
Price: $1.60 Ea
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BARDIA Latex Foley Catheters are rigid latex catheters that are coated in a silicone elastic polymer that serves as a hydrophobic material that rejects moisture, reducing irritation to the urethra. Latex Foley Catheters are made with 2-way design and opposing eyes for drainage.

BARDIA Latex Foley Catheters are engineered to cause less irritation than other latex products. These silicone elastomer catheters come in an easy to use, peel apart packaging, so the single use catheter stays sterile until the package is opened.


Capacity: 30cc
Material: Silicone elastomer coated latex


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I wear a 26fr foley 24/7 and have had to for 10 years, these are the most comfortable i have ever used. They are very flexible, easy to insert, and the balloon deflates completely for easy comfortable removal. Overall the most comfortable foley cath i have ever worn.