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EVA Support Walker - Hospital (83502 ) - Kinsman Enterprises Inc.

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Eva support walker, referred to as a Cardiac Walker. Provides optimal support for users needing more stability while walker. Ideal for post-op patients when early walking is indicated.

The Eva Walker supports the patients weight when exercising. Good for Post-op patients when early walking exercise is indicated. Easily adjustable to suit different patient heights.

The EVA walker uses a hydraulic system to elevate and lower the arm rests so that it can be at the patients optimal height for gait training. It is on 4 casters so that it is easy for the patient to maneuver around the facility. The EVA walker was designed with cardiac patients in mind that have sternal precautions (no pushing, no pulling, limit reaching, avoid twisting and bending) as it allows for safe gait training with support from the walker without breaking any of the precautions. The EVA walker takes 80% of the pressure away from the sternum compared to a standard walker, which allows for much earlier ambulation, post-op. Along with the available accessories, it is a perfect fit for any surgical floor.

However, many other patients can benefit from it as well. A patient who is non-weight bearing on an upper extremity would be unable to participate in gait training utilizing a traditional rolling walker. However, with the EVA walker, they would have the proper support they would need during gait training and they would be able to adhere to their weight bearing precautions.

Patients who would also benefit from the EVA walker are ones who have a difficult time standing up straight. The EVA walker could be used as a standing frame to address postural deficits in preparation for gait training. The added support the patient would receive from the EVA walker could help build confidence and increase safety.

And finally, for those patients with significant arthritis in the hands who have a difficult time with grasping a traditional rolling walker, the EVA walker may be a better fit. While still providing support for walking to increase functional gait and balance, the patient doesnt have to worry about the pain and discomfort they may experience in their hands as a result of the arthritis.

The EVA walker can help build confidence, increase safety, and allow patients to improve their gait pattern and increase their distance before they are able to transition to a more traditional rolling walker.

The padded, molded arm pads have a sculpted forearm cutout to keep the arms from sliding off the pads. The arm pads can be removed and are easily cleaned; making it ideal for institutions with a variety of users. Handgrips are a more comfortable round shape and are forward facing, providing a better and more ergonomic grip. Welded steel frame with baked epoxy enamel finish. Non-marring casters with step on wheel locks on the rear casters.

The Adult Pneumatic Support Walker adjusts from 35 1/2" - 51" (89/129cm) which should accommodate someone up to 65 tall. The easy to release lever mechanism
is conveniently located under the front armrest support frame. The walker is ideal when being used with a wide range of patients with its easy height adjustment.

Includes Standard Handgrips. Step-on locking brakes on two casters.

The optional Directional Casters align the rear casters to track in a straight line to assist the user in controlling the direction of the EVA Walker. Step ON for directional tracking / Step OFF unlocks the directional tracking. NOTE: Caster locks are only on the front casters on models with Directional Casters.
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Home style is for narrow hallways and doors found in the average home.

Hospital style provides a wider entrance for wheelchair use needed by most medical institutions.

Weight Capacity:333lbs.
Adjustable Padded Armrest Length:17 1/2"
Adjustable Padded Armrest Width:6 1/2"
Width Between Armrests:12"- 19"
Overall Width:31 1/2"
Patient Entrance Width:27 1/4"
Overall Depth:30"
Adjustable Height Range:35 1/2" - 51 1/4"
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