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U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer

U-Step 2 Walking StabilizerU-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer thumbnailU-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer thumbnailU-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer thumbnailU-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer thumbnail
Manufacturer:In-Step Mobility Products Inc.
Part Number:INSUSPC2
Retail Price: $575.00
Original Price: $550.00
Price:$530.00 Ea
U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer $530.00    Qty: Add to Cart


  • Includes Seat and Basket
  • Ideal for Parkinsons
  • Free Shipping
  • Decreases fall risk


Let the U-Step 2 to increase your independence. The secret is in the patented U-shaped base. The walker's ultra-stable foundation braces you in every direction. UStep walkers are ideal for individuals with Parkinsons disease. Decreased likelihood of falling due to the non-roll mechanism. Helps to eliminate falling among those with neurological conditions.

The U-Step II Walking Stabilizer is not like pushing a typical walker. Instead, the U-Step 2 surrounds you and moves with you. You will feel as stable as you would feel holding onto another persons arm.

The innovative braking system is easy to use and puts you in complete control. The U-Step 2 will not roll unless you are ready to walk. When you lightly squeeze either brake release lever, the unit will roll with you.

Once you release the lever, the unit will stop immediately. This feature is particularly helpful when standing up from a chair because the unit will not roll away from you.

U-Step Unique Reverse Braking System

Reverse Braking System

The U-Step 2 requires user to lightly squeeze either hand brake in order for U-Step to roll. Once released, the unit will stop immediately. This feature particularly useful when standing up from a chair because the unit will not roll away.

Adjustable Rolling Resistance

Rolling Resistance Control

Unlike other rolling walkers, you can adjust the rolling speed of the new U-Step 2. Many people find that wheeled walkers roll too fast for them. That is why we engineered a control for setting the rolling resistance. Loosen the set screw and rotate the adjustment lever to the desired amount of resistance, then re-tighten the set screw.

Fine tune walker rolling speed to a safe and manageable speed.

Spring Controlled Front Caster

Spring Controlled Front Caster

U-Step front leading caster has a spring-loaded design that enable user to roll easier over indoor floor molding, sidewalk cracks, and other pathway imperfections. Avoids walker jolting or the need to lift the walker front.



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