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Supracor Wheelchair Cushions

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Supracor StimuLITE Classic Cushion

The Supracor Stimulite Classic Cushion provides excellent pressure relief and unsurpassed comfort for a wide range of disabilities. Three layers of honeycomb each a different stiffness enable bony...

$41300 Ea
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Supracor StimuLITE Contoured Cushion

The Supracor Stimulite Contoured Cushion is ideal for paras, quads, and those who require greater positioning and a high level of pressure management. A multilayered honeycomb is shaped into a subtle...

$40500 Ea
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Supracor StimuLITE Slimline Cushion
$30500 Ea
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Supracor StimuLITE Sport Cushion
$24000 Ea
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StimuLITE Pediatric Contoured Cushion
$23000 Ea
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StimuLITE Corbee Pediatric Cushion
$24900 Ea
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StimuLITE Silver Homecare Cushion

This comfortable and affordable cushion can be used in a chair, a car, on a recliner or stadium seat. Made from a soft, flexible form of Stimulite honeycomb, the lightweight Silver Cushion...

$17300 Ea
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Supracor StimuLITE On Top

Fits Over Any Cushion to Control Heat and Moisture Just place Stimulite On Top. Like magic, your cushion will now breathe to control heat and moisture. This removable cover features a 3/4-inch...

$15000 Ea
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StimuLITE Cushion Cover

Durable and light, these covers will extend the life of your cushion by protecting them from dirt, dust and the elements. Cushion covers are specific to the size of your cushion. For a perfect...

$5800 Ea
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