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Supracor StimuLITE Contoured Cushion

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Product Description

The Supracor Stimulite Contoured Cushion is ideal for paras, quads, and those who require greater positioning and a high level of pressure management. A multilayered honeycomb is shaped into a subtle contour and specifically engineered with soft and firm areas. A rear dish provides optimal pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability, and features a sweet spot, a softer honeycomb material that contains the ischials and coccyx and helps prevent hammocking. The sweet spot gradually transitions to a firmer honeycomb, distributing weight away from the ischials and toward the trochanters and thigh area for added support. Abductors and an abductor comfortably contain the legs, without impeding transfers.

Pressure, shearing and maceration a softening of the skin due to moisture are the primary causes of decubitus. All Supracor Stimulite cushions feature a patented, perforated honeycomb that allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate. A breathable cover fabric and side vents complete the ventilation system, keeping you cool and dry. By controlling temperature and moisture, Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions are the only pressure-relief cushions that provide Total Pressure Managementmaceration resistance, pressure relief and shear force reduction to help prevent pressure sores.
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Supracor StimuLITE Contoured CushionProviding Total Pressure Management pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture the key to the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, our new Stimulite Contoured XS Cushion features a softer top layer of flexibl
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Maceration Resistance:
Skin maceration is the softening of the skin as a result of continual exposure to bodily fluids or moisture. Severely softened or macerated skin is less tolerant of pressure and can lead to breakdown. Stimulite honeycomb is perforated, allowing air to circulate through the cushion and moisture to evaporate. a breathable cover wicks away moisture and helps keep the skin dry. Both the Stimulite cushion and its cover are machine washable and dryer safe, making it easy to maintain good skin hygiene.

Pressure Relief:
Honeycomb structure provides uniform load distribution. Stimulite cushions relieve pressure by distributing it away from the hot spots. As a result, bony protuberances "feel" the same pressure as the surrounding anatomy. The Stimulite Contoured Cushion's multi-layered honeycomb construction -- each layer a different stiffness -- provides internal contouring, allowing the user's weight to be distributed over a much wider area as compared to most pressure relief cushions.

Shear Force Reduction:
The horizontal stiffness of a cushion material determines both its shear resistance and its stability. Too much stiffness increases shear force, while too little decreases stability. The three-layered Stimulite cushion minimizes shearing without sacrificing stability. The compliant top layer has a low horizontal stiffness for reducing shear forces against the skin. The two bottom layers have a higher horizontal stiffness for optimal stability. The cushion's stretchable cover works in conjunction with the honeycomb to diffuse lateral force against the skin.

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