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Varilite Cheat Sheets - 10" x 10" (02102) - Varilite

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Product Description

Every wheelchair user is an individual. VARILITE Cheat Sheets let the seating specialist modify a seating systems overall fit, feel and function to meet each clients specific needs.

VARILITE Cheat Sheets are adhesive-backed sheets of closed-cell foam. Each package contains four pieces of foam measuring 10 x 10 inches (25 x 25 cm). Cheat Sheets can be cut with a blade or scissors and applied to a variety of surfaces.

Suggested Cheat Sheet Applications:
Simply cut the shaped desired, remove the adhesive backing and apply the Cheat Sheet to a clean, dry surface. Layer as needed and round off corners and edges. Apply a final, smooth layer.

A popular use for Cheat Sheets is customizing a VARILITE ProForm NX contoured base. Cheat Sheets are used to build up the medial thigh separator and laterals, smooth cut edges, and improve contact for overall pressure distribution.

Other Cheat Sheet Uses:
Build contours on planar systems
Modify back systems for kyphotic posture
Pad or contour headrests, laterals, hip guides, ASIS bars, armrests
Smooth sharp edges on wheelchairs or accessories
Varilite Cheat Sheets - 10 Some images may display non-standard options.
Dimensions:10" x 10"
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  •  Closed-cell foam base won?t absorb liquid or bacteria, even after being cut.
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