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TiLite ZR Mono-Tube Titanium Wheelchair

TiLite ZR Mono-Tube Titanium WheelchairTiLite ZR Mono-Tube Titanium Wheelchair thumbnailTiLite ZR Mono-Tube Titanium Wheelchair thumbnailTiLite ZR Mono-Tube Titanium Wheelchair thumbnailTiLite ZR Mono-Tube Titanium Wheelchair thumbnail
Part Number:TILZ2FS1
Retail Price: $4,485.00
Price:$3,050.00 Ea

TiLite ZR Mono-Tube Titanium Wheelchair $3,050.00    Qty: Add to Cart


The TiLite ZR Series 2 builds on the classic ZR offering new and exciting sport and performance options with a slick new look.


  1. Titanium Absorbs Vibration
  2. TiLite Titanium Wont Break
  3. Titanium has the Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio of Any Metal on Earth
  4. TiLite Custom Builds its Wheelchairs


  • SlipStream Single-Sided Fork with Integrated Bumper (patent pending).
  • New Performance 5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel weighs just 1.6 ounces, shaving 40% from the weight of the original, 3-Spoke Wheel.
  • The new Z's 1.25 Mono-Tube Frame is 20% lighter than its predecessor but retains Titanium's 44% strength advantage over 7000 series aluminum.


When we say custom, we mean it. Send us your personal specifications and TiLite will build your Z Series entirely from scratch - in less than 10 days.


Wheelchairs that perform well combine superb fit with unparalleled quality of construction and the right blend of options. You owe it to yourself to experience the super smooth ride of a custom-built titanium wheelchair that fits perfectly. It will perform as well in 5 years as it does today.


Can a wheelchair be cool What is cool At its core, its a material object infused with human energy. On the new ZR Series 2 you can choose from more options than any other manufacturer, including over 20 frame finishes, six color anodize packages, and titanium tattoos! The Z Series infused with human energy yours. Now thats cool.