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Quickie Q500 Hybrid Pro Power Wheelchair

Manufacturer: Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Part Number: Q500H
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New Quickie Q500 H Hybrid is the newest rear wheel drive available. The Hybrid offers many advantages of the mid wheel drive maneuverability coupled with the outdoor rear wheel drive performance.

SEDEO is a revolutionary and highly adjustable seating system that allows adjustments for frame width, seat depth, arm height, armrest angle, footrest length, and backrest angle with a single tool. Additionally, SEDEO Seating is very flexible in its ability to accommodate a wide range of positioning accessories.

Q500H Stablility

Stable Ride

Active rear anti-tips ensure all 6 wheels are in contact with the ground for excellent tractions and stability. Fixed front casters puts an end to the chair front tipping forwards. Dynamic suspension keeps the drive wheels in constant contact with the terrain for exceptional traction at all times.

Q500 H Performance

Increased Maneuverability

Unlike traditional rear wheel drive wheelchairs, Q500H's drive wheels are positioned to ensure a smaller turning radius without compromising outdoor performance.

Q500 H Performance

Stable Ride

All wheel contact is ultra stable Innovative dynamic suspension system absorbs impacts over door sills, and other obstacles in daily life. This also helps reduce user fatigue and extends user drive time.

Q500 H Performance

Performance Choices

Q500H has outstanding performance characteristics beginning with the 4-pole motors. Quiet yet powerful. 6 MPH standard motors or optional 8 MPH high output 4-pole motors.

Q500 H also offers an optional SureTrac module / motor controller option that enhances drive tracking.


Base Width: 25"
Length: 36"
Seat Widths: 16" - 22"
Seat Depths: 14" - 22"
Pre-Set Seat Frame Angle: 0,3.6, or 9 degrees
Seat-to-Floor Height: 16.5" - 19"
Back Height: 21" - 30"
Turning Radius: 25.5" ( Without Footrests )
Ground Clearance: 3"
Performance: 6 Mph OR 8 Mph
Range: Up to 17.7 Miles
Drive Wheels: 13" or 14"
Casters: 9" Front; 4: Rear
Transit: Transit Approved
Capacity: 300lbs; 350lbs HD
Overall Weight: 343lbs