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Matrx Easy Set Wheelchair Back Mounting Hardware

Manufacturer: Invacare / Motion Concepts
Part Number: PBMH
Retail Price: $245.00
Price: $199.95 Pr
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  • Easy To Install
  • Complete Set ( Pair )
  • Fits most Wheelchairs


Complete mounting hardware for Matrix Posture Back or Elite Back. Use to interchange matrix Posture or Elite backs between two wheelchairs.

Mounts to backrest canes or push handles. Fits tubing size 1", 7/8", or 3/4" backrest posts.

Fully Adjustable in height, depth, and angle. Easy to install and easy to adjust.

EZ Set Hardware

Depth Adjustable: 2 inches forward or
2 inches rearward.
Angle Adjustable: Adjust backrest angle
posterior or anterior up to 20 degrees.