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Smart Check Device

Manufacturer: ROHO / Permobil
Part Number: SMARTCHECK-01
Retail Price: $187.00
Price: $146.00 Ea
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  • Real-time feedback
  • Detachable for storage
  • Stores your inflation range


ROHO Smart Check is a personal electronic feedback device that assists users in managing their ROHO cushion for optimal comfort, performance, and skin protection.

ROHO Smart Check is a device that measures the pressure inside a wheelchair cushion. It is designed to help prevent pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, by alerting the user or caregiver when the pressure inside the cushion exceeds a certain threshold.

Smart Check can also collect data on pressure distribution and cushion usage, which can be used to adjust the cushion for optimal comfort and pressure management.

notidy! ## ROHO SmartCheck Compatibility: Smart Check works ONLT with SmartCheck Read cushions. - High Profile Single Valve SR Cushions - Mid Profile Single Valve SR Cushions - Hybrid Elite Single Valve SR Cushions Smart Check device will not work with any other style of cushion. ---