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Amylior CG Air Therapeutic Air Cushion

Manufacturer: Amylior
Part Number: CGA1VSCxxxx-x
Retail Price: $510.00
Price: $494.97 Ea
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Through innovations in materials used and manufacturing techniques, the CG Air is a true reinvention of the air cushion.
CG Air has tackled hygiene issues, stability, cushion integrity, maintenance as well as positioning concerns without compromising on pressure management; which have plagued all other cushions in the industry for years. The CG Airs improved benefits will open new doors for users who are seeking the best pressure management therapy in seating.

Pressure Management: Proven to be a true pressure relieving cushion, the new innovative air channels in the CG Air design allow for more air to move beneath the user in a smoother and more controlled flow in order to help stimulate blood circulation.

The Medical Grade PVC that we use is more stable due to the cells retaining their shape rather than over-inflating. Medical PVC is not as bulbous as other materials and wont let the cushion splay thus giving the user security through stability. Sitting on this air cushion will give you the sensation of sitting on gel with the benefits of air therapy.

The CG Air allows for true immersion as it actively creates an ischial well to help stabilize the users pelvis and prevents unwanted pelvic rotations.

Optional Dual valves allow for side to side and front to back positioning options.


Size: 14" - 30" Wide
Depth: 14" - 24" Deep
Valves: Single or Dual
Construction: Medical Grade PVC