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Composite Dressings

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AQUACEL Ag Hydrofiber Wound Dressing with lonic Silver - Ribbon

AQUACEL Ag dressing incorporating unique Hydrofiber Technology with 1.2% (w/w) silver combines the favorable gelling characteristics of Hydrofiber Technology with the broad-spectrum antimicrobial...

$13880 BX 5
Aquacel Hydrofiber Dressing - Ribbon w/ Strengthening Fiber

Maintains a moist wound environment for optimal healing, debridement and easy removal. Innovative dressing composed of sodium carboxy-methylcellulose fibers for the management of exudating wounds...

$7990 BX 5
Covaderm Plus Adhesive Wound Dressing
  •  Ideal for many wound types
  •  Provides excellent moisture vapor transmission

DeRoyal46-400, 46-401, 46-402, 46-403
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$2580 Bx 10
COVRSITE Secondary Composite Dressing

Latex-free. Single-step dressing replaces traditional tape and gauze. Use as a secondary cover dressing for gels, gel sheets, alginates and nonadhesive foams. It is water-resistant, extensible and...

$1670 Bx 10
EXU-DRY Dressing with Anti-Shear Layer

Ideal for all wounds, burns and skin ulcers. Nonadherent, highly absorbent, lint-free, nonocclusive, soft and pliable. Now available in precut sizes for tube and drain sites.

Smith & Nephew5999034, 5999004120, 5999006, 5999009, 5999018, 5999024, 5999028, 5999PTM, 5999034S, 5999101
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Multi-Layered Dressing - 4 x 4in (2x2inpad)

Nonadherent dressing maintains moist wound environment. Helps prevent drainage strike-through. Center layer absorbs exudate; top layer allows gaseous exchange while protecting wound from...

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