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Wound Cleansers

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Simply Saline Wound Wash
  •  No Burning
  •  Clinically-proven
  •  Great for pets too.

$1090 Ea
SAF-Clenz AF Dermal Wound Cleanser - 12oz

SAF-Clens AF Dermal Wound Cleanser is a surfactant-containing formula that washes away debris that saline may leave behind. No-rinse formula saves time and its nozzle adjusts from stream to spray...

$1480 BO 1
Allclenz Wound Cleanser

A no-rinse, moisturizing wound cleanser that gently removes wound debris as it cleanses and washes. Safely and effectively prepares the wound for Curasol® Gel Wound Dressing. Adjustable nozzle...

$2142 BO 1
Biolex Wound Cleanser

Non irritating Aloe Vera cleanser that aids in the removal of wound debris and slough. Will not harm healthy tissue.

$1260 Ea
CarraKlenz Wound and Skin Cleanser - 8 oz spray

Gentle, effective, no-rinse wound and skin cleanser. Does not harm healthy tissue. Contains acemannan hydrogel to enhance healing.

$2099 Ea
Gentell Wound Cleanser

No-rinse, nonirritating, ph-balanced cleanser. Aids in the removal of necrotic substances and microorganisms from the wound bed. "Trigger Spray" adjusts from a fine mist to an irrigating stream...

$816 Ea
Hollister Restore Wound Cleanser

Mild surfactant gently lifts and removes debris and necrotic tissue from wounds including chronic wounds, traumatic wounds, skin tears, cuts and abrasions. Non-toxic; contains no antiseptic agents...

$770 BO 1
Iodoflex Cadexomer Iodine Gel Pad Dressing

Easy to apply. Delivers a premeasured amount of cadexomer iodine. Flexible; conforms to wound shape. Easily removed without disturbing delicate new tissue. Change in pad color from brown to...

$5550 BX 5
MicroKlenz Antiseptic Wound Cleanser

MicroKlenz Antiseptic Wound Cleanser with benzethonium chloride as the antiseptic agent. This antiseptic cleanser is used to cleanse and help manage bioburden in wounds. No rinse...

$1530 Ea
Sea-Clens Wound Cleanser

A saline-based wound cleanser that can be used instead of normal saline for wound cleansing. No-rinse, isotonic, pH-balanced formula.

$2520 Ea
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