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QuattroPlus High Capacity Grab Bar

Manufacturer: Mobeli
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A suction bar system with a higher weight capacity due to the 2 suctions pads on each end. QuattroPlus can fasten to a wall, across your tub or across a corner with optional joint adapters. Telescoping bar adjusts to enter or exit a tub, toilet or shower.

Can be used as a training bar when mounted across a hallway or doorway.

Note: For the suction pad to adhere to the wall, the surface must be air tight, with no grout lines, cracks or texture under the pad. Stainless steel plates (R1461414) can be adhered to many non-suitable surfaces to allow the suction pads to adhere. The plates can span over grout line or cracks, fill in slightly textured surfaces. Telescoping models will allow you to adjust the bar to fit between grout lines, seams or cracks.

Examples of surfaces that will not work:

  • New construction with only a few coats of paint will still allow the suction pad to suck air through the plasterboard or drywall. The suction pad will not hold and may even pull the paint off the wall.
  • Natural stone, clay or cultured marble which has a not been coated with sealant will allow the suction pad to suck air and release.
  • Textured surface, whether stone, cement, tile or plaster will not hold the suction pad.
  • Cracked plaster or wall surface. Walls with seams in the grab bar area.
  • Tile smaller than 5 square. A suction pad over a grout line will release. Plastic tile will not support your body weight.
  • Dirty, oily, greasy wall surface. Clean surface with alcohol first.
  • Wallpaper, the suction pad will peel the paper from the wall behind it.
  • Tub surround walls that are not properly attached to the wall behind them. Although the suction pad may hold to the wall, the wall itself may pull away under your weight.

What surface will work:

  • Tile greater equal to or larger than 5 x 5, with a smooth surface.
  • Smooth fiberglass, porcelain, enamel-coated cast iron tubs.
  • Vinyl, plastic or fiberglass tub surrounds that are firmly attached to the wall or house framing behind them. Securely attached with construction adhesive or mechanical means (screws or nails). They must have a smooth, clean surface.


Model Grip Length Overall Length Weight Capacity
R1400241SU 7.9"-12.8" 14"-18.9" 275.6 lb.
R1400242SU 12.5"-17.3" 18.7"-24.37" 275.6 lb.
R1400243SU 16.3"-21.2" 22.6"-27.49" 242.5 lb.
R1400244SU 25"-30" 21.4"-26.3" 245.5 lb.


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