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Bath and Toilet Aids

Shower Commode Wheelchairs:

Rolling shower commode wheelchairs allow users greater independence in hygiene and many enable the user to self propel into handicap accessible bathrooms. Most rolling shower bath chairs roll over the top of the toilet allowing for more efficient and convenient bowel care programs. These chairs are often called rehab shower chairs or rolling shower chairs.

Shower Chairs and Bath Seats:

Bathtub seats and chairs are among the most common bath safety items purchased. Bath seats and shower chairs offer stability and greater independence for those who are unstable while standing. These chairs can also be referred to as bathtub seats, bath chairs, tub stools, shower chairs, bath seats, or bath chairs.

Transfer Benches:

Bathtub transfer benches are an ideal bath safety accessory that makes using tub/showers safer. Two of the legs sit on the outside of the tub and two are positioned inside the tub. This allows for the user to sit on the edge of the transfer bench and swing their legs over then slide over the tub. This alleviates the need to step into the tub. Hand held showers are a common companion item for the transfer bench. These benches are also called transfer tub seats, transfer tub benches, shower bench, or transfer tub seats.

Toilet Safety Frame:

Toilet safety frames are simply arms that attach to most all toilets providing the user arms for which to assist in getting up from the toilet. This accessory can be used in conjunction with an Elevated Toilet Seat. Although there are elevated toilet seats with arms incorporated. These can also be referred to as toilet arms, safety frames, or toilet assist arms.


Commodes are one of the most versatile of all bathroom assist aids available. Most bedside commodes are used beside the bed for individuals who cannot access a regular bathroom facility. Commodes are often labeled 3 in 1 commodes. The three in one is often confused.

The three basic functions the bedside commode fulfills are:

  • Bedside commode;
  • Raised toilet seat;
  • Toilet safety arms.

  • Many believe that commodes can be utilized in the shower/bathtub setting, but this is not recommended. Typically the commodes will be slippery when wet as well as rust and corrode from heavy water exposure. These commodes can also be called 3-in-1 commode, bedside commode, or over toilet assist.