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Healthsmart Disposable Lens Covers

Helps prevent the spread of germs. Provides a safe and hygienic way to take the temperatures of multiple people. Hands-free lens cover dispenser! You dont have to touch these probe covers when...

$850 Bx 45
Filac 3000 EZ Electronic Thermometer - Oral/Axillary Complete

The Filac 3000 EZ Thermometer offers speed and accuracy by utilizing advanced technology to ensure the industry's fastest, most accurate readings. The readings are provided in multiple easy-to-use...

$34200 Ea
Filac 3000 Probe Covers
  •  Disposable, single-use
  •  Smooth, rigid plastic
  •  Probe cover package fits into isolation chamber

$2920 Ca 500
Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer
  •  Tapered probe design facilitates proper alignment with the ear canal
  •  Tip-based sensor technology improves accuracy and repeatability and minimizes the need for recalibration
  •  Peak select system records & analyzes up to 100 measurements per scan

$49450 Ea
Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer Probe Covers
  •  Disposable, single-use
  •  Smooth, rigid plastic with clear membrane
  •  Two probe cover cassettes fit into base of thermometers

$1295 BX 96
Tempa-DOT Single-Use Sterile Clinical Thermometer

These soft, flexible, nontoxic thermometers are ideal for oral and axillary use. Designed for one-time use, these disposable thermometers accurately assess infant, pediatric and adult temperatures in...

$1995 BX 100
Electronic Digital Thermometer

Measures temperature in 60 seconds and beeps when complete. Meets ASTM 1112 standard for accuracy (+/- 0.2 degrees). Takes temperatures fro 90 degrees to 109 degrees F. Large, easy-to-read LCD...

$1040 Ea
Kaz Disposable Lens Filter 4" x 4" x 6" For Braun ThermoScan Thermometer

Can be used with all models of Braun ThermoScan ear thermometers (MV505, MC505CP, and MC509). Ensures accuracy of thermometer readings Disposable lens filters virtually eliminates risk of cross...

$1299 Bx 40
Instant Ear Thermometer, Dual Scale
  •  Lithium Battery
  •  Canvas Carry Case
  •  No Probe Cover Required

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