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SenSura Flat MAXI Standard Wear EasiClose WIDE 1-Piece Drainable Pouch w/o Filter (15821) - Coloplast

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Product Description

SenSura One-Piece Non-Convex Standard Wear EasiClose WIDE Drainable Pouch offers maximum security and discretion. The unique SenSura double-layer adhesive is permanently fixed to the pouch. To change the pouch, the whole appliance is removed and replaced. Even with frequent changes, painless adhesive removal does not leave residue on the skin and minimizes mechanical trauma.
SenSura Flat MAXI Standard Wear EasiClose WIDE 1-Piece Drainable Pouch w/o Filter Some images may display non-standard options.

SenSura 1-piece combines the unique double-layer adhesive with new bag features. Offering you a solution that gives you security, comfort and discretion.

Double-layer adhesive
The double-layer adhesive is skin friendly and resistant to erosion from stoma output and body fluids. Offering you both security and skin protection.

Visible cutting guide
The cutting guide has clear blue cutting guides in relevant sizes. Making it easier for you to cut the adhesive accurately to ensure a safe seal around your stoma.

Removal ear
The removal ear makes it easy to remove the adhesive without leaving residues on the skin. Making bag changes more easy for you.

The soft non-woven fabric is strong and water repellent. Making it easier for you to dry the bag after a wash or swim.

Inspection window
The inspection window makes it easier to place the adhesive correctly and to check the condition of the stoma when needed.

The outlet is easy to empty and clean. Making it a more hygienic solution for you. Removing the need to carry extra cleaning accessories around with you.

EasiClose outlet
The outlet can be folded up and hidden away without the need for bulky clips. Offering you a comfortable, secure and easy to use solution.

Extra discretion
The bag can be folded up and secured in its own pocket to be half its size. Giving you the flexibility to have the bag at the size you need and offering you extra discretion when you need it.

Pouch Length:11.5"
Cut-to-fit:3/8" - 3"
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