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Fall Prevention

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  •  Includes Chair Pro Alarm
  •  Non restraint style belt
  •  Two tone / volume settings

$14500 Ea
  •  Compact size: 2” x 4” x 1”
  •  Lightweight, 4-ounce unit
  •  Audible Low Battery Warning

$8900 Ea
  •  Alarm includes ON/OFF switch and dual volumes
  •  Audio alarm sounds when patient gets out of chair or bed
  •  Over mattress for short-term admissions or fall assessment

$19500 Ea

This pressure-sensitive bed alarm with reset button by Drive Medical alerts caregiver whenever a patient rises from a chair. The pressure-sensitive pad connects to the audio alarm, which features a...

$8600 Ca 1
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A more economical way to signal that a patient has moved, this deluxe pull-cord alarm easily secures to a bed or chair with a self-contained clip. It features a pin-style activation cord...

$3100 Ca 1
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Once the magnetic pull-switch is removed, the alarm sounds on this tamper-proof pull-cord alarm by Drive Medical. The pull-switch, which includes a convenient On/Off switch, activates from any...

$3100 Ca 1
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The wireless bedside alarm by Drive Medical will truly add to your peace of mind. Ideal for ICU and anywhere early detection is essential, the alarm sounds whenever an individual attempts to leave or...

$10300 Ca 1
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