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Male Urinal Kit - McGuire Urinal

Manufacturer: Urocare
Part Number: 4400
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Male Urinal Kit (McGuire style) Lightweight, detachable sheath. Fits any leg bag, reusable or disposable. This male urinal is an effective and economical daytime alternative to under pads and diapers for men that experience surge or overflow incontinence and dribbling. a quick and easy application method eliminated the need for multiple changes, adhesives and adhesive removers.

It can either serve as a drip urinal for those that are only partially incontinent or with the use of the various supplied adapters, it can be directly connected to any reusable or disposable leg bag or drainage system.

NOTE: not recommended for overnight use.


Model Size Waist Size Sheath Size
4401 Large 38" - 46" 20 - 40mm Diameter x 7" (17.8cm) Long
4400 Medium 26" - 38" 20 - 40mm Diameter x 7" (17.8cm) Long