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Manatee Pediatric Bath Seat

Manufacturer: R82 (formerly Snug Seat)
Part Number: MANTEE
Price: $585.00 Ea

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Manatee pediatric bath seats provide comfort, positioning, and support for bathing. Designed specifically for use inside most bathtubs.

Manatee offers multiple seating positions, and depth adjust ability. Great accessories, colors, and functions, make this high quality bathing chair ideal for any child with special needs.

The Manatee bathtub set is constructed to provide both caregivers and users a wonderful bathing experience.

The bathing chair is designed to place the user in exactly the right sitting position. The depth of the bathing seat can be adjusted, allowing the bathing chair to grow with the child and provide many years of use.

Depth Adjustable Seat
Provides depth adjustment for growth.
Adjustable back and leg rests
Allows adjustments of the back and of the lower leg support with a simple pull of a strap or push of a button
Head Cushion / Lateral Support
Provides support and comfort for bathing children Cushions can be used for head or torso support.
Adjustable waist strap
Secures child in the Manatee


Size Size 0 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Seat width (A): 12.75" 12.75" 12.75" 15.5"
Seat depth (B): 8.5 - 9.75" 9.75 - 12.5" 12.75" - 15.5" 15.75 - 18.5"
Back height (C): 22.75" 22.75" 29" 31"
Lower leg length (D): 11" 11" 14.5" 14.5"
Seat height (E): 5" - 16.75" 5" - 16.75" 5" - 16.75" 5" - 16.75"
Total width (G): 16.5" 16.5" 16.5" 19"
Length folded: 43" - 45.75" 43" - 45.75" 52.75" 57"
Height folded: 5" 5" 5" 5"
Weight: 10lbs. 10lbs. 10.5lbs. 14.75lbs.
Max. user weight / load 110lbs. 110lbs. 165lbs. 165lbs.


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