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Monoject Rigid Pack 60mL Syringes

Manufacturer: Kendall / Covidien
Unit of Measure: Bx 20

Item Numbers: 8881560141, 8881560265

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Sterile, single-use, individually packaged syringes without needle are ideal for a variety of uses. May be autoclaved or gas sterilized for use in O.R. / procedure packs. Several needle sizes, tip designs, and capacities are available.
Monoject Rigid Pack 60mL Syringes  Some images may display non-standard options.
  • Polypropylene Barrel and Plunger Rod
  • Latex-free Plunger Tip
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Monoject Rigid Pack 60mL Syringes
Monoject Rigid Pack 60mL Syringes
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Monoject Rigid Pack 60mL Syringes
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