Coloplast Self-Cath Soft Catheter (110, 112, 114, 116) - Coloplast

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Coloplast soft urinary catheters are a more pliable latex free style catheter.

Latex-free, straight tip catheter made of softer, flexible material.

Firmer than red rubber, softer than plastic.

Fire-polished eyelets.
Coloplast Self-Cath Soft Catheter Some images may display non-standard options.
End:Funnel End
  • Soft, Flexible, Clear Medical-Grade PVC
  • Fire Polished Eyelets
  • Sterile
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Coloplast Self-Cath Soft Catheter
Coloplast Self-Cath Soft Catheter
(110, 112, 114, 116)
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