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Jay Wheelchair Cushions

JAY X2 Cushion
New Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion

The JAY X2 is the newest addition to the JAY wheelchair cushion family. All the best features from the JAY Active and the JAY Xtreme wraped into one.

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Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion
Parts Available
FREE additional cover for a limited time.
  •  Maintenance Free JAY Flow Fluid Pad
  •  Stable Foam Base
  •  2.25" Reduced Profile Height

$31800 Ea
Special Offer
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Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion
Parts Available
  •  Customize Now
  •  Maximum Skin Protection
  •  3D Jay Flow Fluid Tri-Pad

$30800 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay J2 Plus Cushion
  •  Standard Visco Foam for patients at low risk skin breakdown
  •  Optional: Fluid pad insert For patients at high risk skin breakdown

$37200 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay J2 Recline Cushion
Parts Available

The Jay 2 Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. Custom cuts and modifications are available to meet specific client needs.

$31500 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay J3 Cushion
  •  Pelvic Loading Insert Options
  •  Height Choice
  •  Completely Customizable

$30800 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay Lite Ultralight Cushion
  •  Ultralight Weight
  •  Heat and Moisture Dissipation
  •  Superior Pressure Distribution

$25550 Ea
FREE Shipping 
JAY Union Cushion
Free additional cover!

The JAY Union Cushion provides high performance tissue protection and positioning without extensive fitting considerations. It accomplishes this via a dynamic fluid-foam layering system that...

$31150 Ea
Special Offer
FREE Shipping 
JAY Fusion Cushion

The JAY Fusion is an advanced new adjustable skin-protection cushion, combining the stability of the JAY J3 Cushion and the pressure management capability of the JAY J2 Deep Contour Cushion. The...

$30800 Ea
FREE Shipping 
JAY GO Cushion
  •  Dartex-Coated Lycra Cover
  •  Mildly Contoured, Dual-Layered Foam Base

$13650 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay Basic Cushion
Parts Available
  •  Soft and durable support
  •  Durable molded foam provides mild contouring
  •  Provides stability to help reduce sliding and shearing

$6300 Ea
Jay BasicPRO Cushion
  •  Moderately Contoured Foam Base
  •  Dartex - Coated Top Cover Surface and Optional Inner Cover

$8400 Ea
Jay Easy Cushion
  •  Jay Flow Fluid Tripad
  •  Curved Or Flat Base
  •  Sacral Notch

$29600 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay ION Cushion
Additional Free Cover.
  •  Moisture-Resist-Inner Liner
  •  Antimicrobial Cover
  •  14 - 24in Width

$27650 Ea
Special Offer
FREE Shipping 
Jay Zip Cushion
  •  X-static Silver Fiber Fabric
  •  Polyurethane Coated Cover Made w/ Lycra
  •  Dual Layered Contoured Foam Base

$27650 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay Care Cushion
Parts Available

The Jay Care cushion is a simple, moisture resistant one piece seating system. Now with 1/2 inch more lateral positioning support, it is designed primarily for the person at moderate risk for...

$26720 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay Protector

The durable Jay Protector for pressure reduction on a limited basis when sitting or moving outside the wheelchair.

$17430 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay Duo Cushion
Parts Available

An integrated, contoured solid seat pan with a soft foam and fluid seat cushion. Designed to replace the sling upholstery and maintain the seat to floor height as low as possible. Provides optimal...

$34000 Ea
FREE Shipping 
Jay GS Cushion

The Jay GS utilizes technology developed for the Jay 2 cushion and adapts it to the specific needs of children. It is designed for clients at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown, who require...

$37500 Ea
FREE Shipping 
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